Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A huge typhoon came in our country last Tuesday. My Fashion Design class was suspended and the area where I live in had no electricity for more than 24 hours. My lessons for RareJob were all cancelled too. I stayed home the whole day and I just patterned a pair of shorts for myself and a basic skirt for my sister. I am excited to have my satin shorts sewn this weekend so that I can wear it to school. Hihi.

We had our Pattern Making class yesterday and we were only about 10 who attended the class. I am lucky enough to go to school without opening my umbrella just because I don't like my umbrella to be ruined because of the strong wind. Haha. After all, it didn't even drizzle on my way to school so no need to use my umbrella. I did not bring my camera because my batteries are empty but Irish is my savior. She always brings her camera to school. Thank you Irish!! In class we made patterns for a basic blazer, 3-panel blazer, basic blazer sleeve and a tailored sleeve.
Irish, Clarisse, Teacher Kor and Ate Steph.
We took a few outfit shots in our school's balcony. Can you see those leaves?! I wonder how they reached the 8th floor of the building. The wind that Pedring carried was THAT strong. Say hello to my pretty photographer:
Parang di malamig noh! Hahaha.
Irish fixing her hair.
It was a very breezy weather so I opted to wear a lazy day outfit (which is not really blog-worthy) but is perfect for the weather that is not usual in the Philippines where it is always sunny. I wore a knitted plum sweater, gray shorts, my heart-printed tights and my studded boots. Something kind-of different from me. Thank you Irish for taking my outfit shots. =)
The wind blew my sweater, this is what I will look when I get fat.

Got rid of my short shorts. Hahaha.
The wall.
I can't wait to go shopping again. I told myself that I will be on a shoe-shopping-ban this month but I cannot resist to go to my new found shoe haven! Hihi. I will also look for beautiful fabrics for my Pattern Making project. October 10, please hurry up! Hahaha.

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  1. Love the printed tights!! :) Topshop? And what's with Oct 10? Payday? If it is, then I'm also wishing it'll come sooner than later! haha