Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A huge typhoon came in our country last Tuesday. My Fashion Design class was suspended and the area where I live in had no electricity for more than 24 hours. My lessons for RareJob were all cancelled too. I stayed home the whole day and I just patterned a pair of shorts for myself and a basic skirt for my sister. I am excited to have my satin shorts sewn this weekend so that I can wear it to school. Hihi.

We had our Pattern Making class yesterday and we were only about 10 who attended the class. I am lucky enough to go to school without opening my umbrella just because I don't like my umbrella to be ruined because of the strong wind. Haha. After all, it didn't even drizzle on my way to school so no need to use my umbrella. I did not bring my camera because my batteries are empty but Irish is my savior. She always brings her camera to school. Thank you Irish!! In class we made patterns for a basic blazer, 3-panel blazer, basic blazer sleeve and a tailored sleeve.
Irish, Clarisse, Teacher Kor and Ate Steph.
We took a few outfit shots in our school's balcony. Can you see those leaves?! I wonder how they reached the 8th floor of the building. The wind that Pedring carried was THAT strong. Say hello to my pretty photographer:
Parang di malamig noh! Hahaha.
Irish fixing her hair.
It was a very breezy weather so I opted to wear a lazy day outfit (which is not really blog-worthy) but is perfect for the weather that is not usual in the Philippines where it is always sunny. I wore a knitted plum sweater, gray shorts, my heart-printed tights and my studded boots. Something kind-of different from me. Thank you Irish for taking my outfit shots. =)
The wind blew my sweater, this is what I will look when I get fat.

Got rid of my short shorts. Hahaha.
The wall.
I can't wait to go shopping again. I told myself that I will be on a shoe-shopping-ban this month but I cannot resist to go to my new found shoe haven! Hihi. I will also look for beautiful fabrics for my Pattern Making project. October 10, please hurry up! Hahaha.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I paid the Campus a visit last Friday to meet Jianne for my umbrella. Haha. I stayed there for a few minutes while waiting for Lloyd because he's in his Physics 13 class. I  really miss being a Biology student. I miss studying my major subjects. Feeling ko tuloy lalong pumupurol utak ko. Hahahaha! I am not obliged to memorize lectures now. I don't usually review my notes in Fashion Design or Pattern Making because it is automatically stored in my brain unlike the subjects I took in college like Biochemistry where I forced myself to death to understand the freaking lecture. I only read my notes in Pattern Making when I want to make a pattern for my size to serve as my guide. Hihi. I am not saying that Fashion School is easy peasy but I just proved to myself the cliche that if you do what you really want, it would be easy for yourself because you are enjoying while learning. =)

BioSci Wing A.
Jianne! <3
Inspiration 1.
After Lloyd's class, we went to his apartment and waited for Mat because he is going to get his barong for the FNR that he'll attend.
Mat and Lloyd.
Jump shot.
Love this shot but my outfit is too simple. Haha.
The love of my life. Hihi.
Inspiration 2.
Bebe took me to a sumptuous dinner because he made me cry. Haha. Plus he is really craving for lasagna. We ate at Bonitos. This used to be my favorite restaurant when I was still a Freshman, roughly 6 years ago. Haha. Oh, it's fully air-conditioned now!

Lasagna. I swear, this tastes toooooooooooo great.
Grilled chops.
The next day, we ate at Eat Sumo to satisfy Bebe's California Maki cravings but he is originally craving for Sambo Kojin's rolls.
California Maki.
Chicken Tatsuta.
LB is all about spending time with your great friends there, eating ultimately delicious but cheap food and drinking to your heart's content. I can't wait for my next visit. <3


I really don't want to blog this entry yet because there should be an entry before this one. I can't open the XD card of my camera and I think it got infected with a virus when I inserted it in my mother's laptop. =( I will just do a back post as soon as I get hold of those photos. It makes me sad. Anyway....... I have been really sad because of the quarrel I had with my mother so I went to Los Banos last Wednesday and stayed there for 4 days. This entry is about Day 2. This is just a photo diary, I am too lazy to write anything. Haha. Photos have captions, anyway. =)

Couple outfit!

Hello bed.
Had dinner with my boyfriend at Tresto.
Tita Ice and Krisha sa background. Hehe.

Carbonara with chicken strips.
Then we met up with my boyfriend's batchmates, Mat, Ernest and Mac, at Rally Point. I blame these boys for being a bad influence to Lloyd! Haha. Kidding aside, they are all kind and a true gentleman. I suddenly missed my guy batchmates while we were drinking. Especially Chase! I just listened to their stories and about their random thoughts about the Fraternity.
Lloyd, Mat and Ernest.
The boys.
Hello Batchmates. Joke.
My messy hair.
After that, they bonded over isaw! I am so envious while they were eating street food because I cannot eat isaw because of my terrible tummy ache when I ate proven last Wednesday. Poor me. Huhu. I had a great night with the boys anyway. =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today's lesson in Fashion Design is all about animal fur, feathers and skins. We were taught how to render it in our sketches. Teacher Aram asked us to wear or bring anything animal-printed or whatsoever. He himself also brought a few samples for us to look at. I feel sad especially for the rabbits sacrificed for the vest he brought. I remembered the rabbit meat I saw in South Supermarket and I was thinking that only sick people would eat rabbit meat. I wouldn't eat rabbit meat EVER in my whole life because I once had a pet rabbit which I named Pikachu. Yes, after a Pokemon but is not a rabbit at all. Haha. I like his Miu Miu bag, though! It is made of real pony fur.
Pony. Rabbit. Fox. Ostrich. Goat.

Teacher Aram putting on his goat fur rag. Haha.
I was so scared to try on this rabbit fur vest! Cha is brave enough. Haha.

I am quite happy with my drawings. I mean, I am improving so much! Hihi. With a lot of help from our Teacher. Of course. =) I am very lazy in class, my sketches were always half-finished. I don't have enough time to color the skin and draw faces. Poor me. Haha.

Went to the balcony and had a mini photo shoot with my Fashionista classmates. Thank you Ken for taking the first three photos. =)
2NE1 pose!

Joyce's fierce leggings!
Angela wearing a  very cute top. <3
Love this one!
Thank you Joyce and Angela for taking my outfit shots. Today's school outfit is not really special. I want the focus to be on my earrings. =)
Simplicity is beauty. Hahaha!

I wanna see your peacock!
Too bright. Sorry.
Super wiiiiiiiiiiiindy!
Actually, I feel bad today. I had an argument with my mother this morning and I don't want to answer her back but she said something that made me really angry, pissed and depressed. I have to email my father about it even though I know that he will not take my side and I also talked with my youngest sister to pour my heart out. I have to let it out before I go to school because I will be depressed the whole day. I remembered in college, every time that I'm having an argument with my mother, I would always shout "Uuwi na ako ng LB!!" and then I will pack my things in a jiff and after a few hours, I am already lying in my apartment's bed (which I miss so much now). I will then text my orgmates or sorority batchmates asking them to go out with me to drink beer. I wanted to do that this morning but I have to go to school today and tomorrow. I have no other choice but to deal with it. =(

Anyway. Sorry for my rants.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I promised my boyfriend to treat him with my hard-earned salary from my tutorials. I also think that he deserves something really good because he has been very caring and loving to me for the past 8 months. Plus he also gives me anything that I want. Haha. Cheesy lang. So I researched about eat-all-you-can restaurants here in the Metro. I came up with 3 choices, Yakimix, Seoul Garden and Sambo Kojin. Seoul Garden is my choice for lunch time while the two others is for dinner. Since Lloyd arrived at my home around 2:30 PM already, Seoul Garden is crossed out. We were supposed to eat at Yakimix in Trinoma but good heavens, if we are going to wait, we will be number 28 or 29 in the waiting list! It's quite okay because Yakimix is quite overrated already but I still really want to try it anyway. After having our hearts broken there, I called Sam Kojin's landline and luckily there are still seats for that night even though I did not make a reservation. We went straight to Sambo Kojin in Edsa after that call.
My new found happy place.
Their staff were really nice. As soon as you enter the restaurant's door, you'll be greeted my the receptionist and she will have you seated right away, if you have a reservation or if there are vacant seats for walk in customers. An assigned waiter will assist you and explain to you what they have if it's your first time, like me and Lloyd. Thank you Kuya Gener for being so nice to us and for taking our first photo together that night. Haha.
"What do they have there?" must be the question in your mind right now. They have a wide and delectable selection of meat and vegetables that you may grill on your table but they also have a lot of cooked food so you can still eat while waiting for your meat to cook. We got ourselves tempura, ebi fry, cordon bleu, ika rainbow (which I like so much), fish tempura and other fried ones. We also tasted their gyoza, katsudon, beef stew and others that I forgot what they are called. They are too many that's why I can't remember everything. You can also request for sukiyaki and kamameshi rice but we failed to do that. Haha. Let me show you what we ate that night.
Bebe is excited and happy! Haha.
Round 1 and I already felt full. Tss.
I want to have a grill like this at home! 
These sauces are used for your grilled meats. =)
Almost done with round 1!
The love of my life! Haha.
It suddenly became Lloyd's birthday! Haha. The waiters came into our table with this cute chocolate cake with a pink candle and started singing happy birthday to him. It was so funny!
He enjoyed it as well!
Singing waiters. Hihi.
Time to blow your birthday candle!

I was already full after eating what we got in the first round but I forced myself to eat some more because their sushi and Japanese roll bar was so irresistible! God! It's like heaven to me. Haha. I wished that I started with the Japanese rolls instead of the fried ones!! Argh.
Different kinds of rolls and I wanted to try everything but this is what I only end up with.
We also got ourselves dessert!
Little cakes, cream puffs and one marshmallow. Haha.
And now, he is full!
I was supposed to take pictures of the buffet table but my photos are not really good because the table is half-empty that time. This is what I only captured:
Bebe's favorite: California maki.
Vegetables for grilling.
Meat for grilling.
Dessert bar.
I will probably go back to Sambo Kojin again. =) You know the feeling when you get to eat very good tasting food. I want to eat there with my family and girlfriends! I think that would be very enjoyable, but of course I will still tag along my cute boyfriend. Haha. It was a very nice experience with him! Can't wait for our next date here in the Metro!

Additional information about Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill:
The prices are as follows:
Monday to Friday Lunch (P495.00) additional P100.00 with left over.
Monday to Sunday Dinner (P595.00) additional P100.00 with left over.
Saturday to Sunday Lunch (P595.00) additional P100.00 with left over.
Children's Price under 4 feet (P295.00)

Japanese and Korean Food

Contact them at their Eastwood branch (4210145 to 46) and EDSA branch (7264466 or 7264520).

Visit their website:

Much love! <3