Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am very busy this term. When I took my basic courses last term, it was a bliss compared to my advance courses. I've been learning a lot of techniques and I can't wait to apply it in real life already. I want to sew clothes everyday that I will wear, give to my sisters, mother, high school friends and other close friends. My mother told me that I am going to have a sewing machine soon! Hihi. Sadly, I don't know how to sew yet. I'll be taking it after this term. =) Yesterday was my pattern making class. We did 7 kinds of sleeves. Who would have thought that making ONE sleeve pattern is very time consuming! Yes, especially the darted ones and that leg of mutton sleeve. Teacher Cor is still absent so it was Teacher Hazel who taught us again. I love FIP teachers. They are very nice to their students and I like how they have small talks with us students during class just to get to know us better or share something interesting even though it is not about our subject. =)
Teacher Hazel and my classmates. I adore her romper. <3
The world of pattern papers, scissors and masking tape! Haha.
Angela! See how OC she is, her pattern is very neat and even the way she put masking tape to it. Haha. 
I only get to see Irish every Wednesday. While we were having lunch together, I suddenly blurted out "Miss ko na si Yna at Kristel". I miss our chismisan galore while doing school stuff  and during breaks. I also miss how Yna would say "Batch picture-an mo ako" or "Batch, dito naman". She is very demanding like that. Haha. Anyway, Irish is now my official photographer every Wednesday for my outfit shots. =) Thank you, Pretty! Oh and thank you for giving me a free ride up to the MRT station. Hihi.
Mowdelllllll! Hihi.
We badly want our photo taken together but no one would take it for us. So we just took the photo of our reflection on the glass door. Haha.
Right after my class, I headed to Gerry's Grill at Trinoma to meet Kat, Lilah and Mich. We had a few drinks, talked about love life and a lot about random topics like menopause. Haha.
1/3 of my girls: Kat, Lilah and Mich.
Don't you just love the Shredded Garlic Adobo of Gerry's? Hihi. It's my favorite appetizer there.
Mukhang ewan. Haha.
We also have a new friend!
I think his name is Bon, if I remember it correctly. You're a photo bummer, Mister! Haha.
Just the 4 of us.
Totally awesome night out with my friends and infairness, we went home early!! Like around 10:30 PM. Haha. <3

You know what's next! Outfit shots. Teehee.
Looking very stiff because I'm hiding my yosi. Haha. Actually, this is a color-blocking outfit. It's yellow and green.
My eyebags. =(
I love youuuuuuuu!
Off to Laguna in a while to visit my boyfriend and have a vacation due to a stressful week in school! My weekend starts now. TCCIC. Haha.

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