Sunday, September 25, 2011


I really don't want to blog this entry yet because there should be an entry before this one. I can't open the XD card of my camera and I think it got infected with a virus when I inserted it in my mother's laptop. =( I will just do a back post as soon as I get hold of those photos. It makes me sad. Anyway....... I have been really sad because of the quarrel I had with my mother so I went to Los Banos last Wednesday and stayed there for 4 days. This entry is about Day 2. This is just a photo diary, I am too lazy to write anything. Haha. Photos have captions, anyway. =)

Couple outfit!

Hello bed.
Had dinner with my boyfriend at Tresto.
Tita Ice and Krisha sa background. Hehe.

Carbonara with chicken strips.
Then we met up with my boyfriend's batchmates, Mat, Ernest and Mac, at Rally Point. I blame these boys for being a bad influence to Lloyd! Haha. Kidding aside, they are all kind and a true gentleman. I suddenly missed my guy batchmates while we were drinking. Especially Chase! I just listened to their stories and about their random thoughts about the Fraternity.
Lloyd, Mat and Ernest.
The boys.
Hello Batchmates. Joke.
My messy hair.
After that, they bonded over isaw! I am so envious while they were eating street food because I cannot eat isaw because of my terrible tummy ache when I ate proven last Wednesday. Poor me. Huhu. I had a great night with the boys anyway. =)

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