Wednesday, August 31, 2011


When I took Basic Fashion Design last term, Teacher Monina warned us about  Advance Pattern Making. She said that we should be ready with the patterns that we made from her class because we have to trace it very quickly to proceed with our exercises. True enough, today we traced 12 front bodice patterns. Actually, it is not hard to trace the patterns but if you were also in our class, you will be pressured to work fast because we have to finish what Teacher Cor planned for us to do. She is my new teacher but she was absent today so she had substitute. Anyway, we made 5 shirt/blouse extensions plus 7 kinds of necklines.
Substitute teacher Hazel and my attentive classmates.
Tita Vangie, Tita Vicky, Tita Carol and Irish bought pattern papers from me because they ran out of pattern papers. We used loads of it today unlike in our basic class where we only use at most 3 pattern papers a day.  It wasn't really my intention to sell pattern papers to them but I am like heaven-sent to them because they need not to go to the mall to buy pattern papers. Haha. Good thing is that my mother brought 5 plastics of it last night. Did you get my story? It's somewhat confusing! =p Going back, it was a very busy day but I enjoyed it very much! I learned a lot today and I did not get bored but I got sleepy due to the weather. Hihi.
Fake candid.
Lunch time.
Yosi time. So candid! Hahaha.
We ended our class a little past 6:00 PM. I passed by SM North to buy school stuffs for myself. I bought a new set of watercolors and a book about sewing! I got the book from Book Sale and it only costs 120 pesos. =) I want to buy everything that I need for Fashion Design but I don't have my notebook with me and I  didn't remember all the things Teacher Oz listed. Poor me. I have to go back to the mall again tomorrow.
My new-old book!
Outfit shots!
I <3 U.
Gray scale. Haha.
Finished this just in time before my tutoring starts! 'Til next post. <3

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was supposed to wake up at 6:00 AM because I want to redeem this romper from Chictopia but when I checked it around 7:30 AM, someone had already redeemed it. I was so sad and disappointed. Anyway, I arrived at my school a little late because I have to pick up my basic pattern making project in the market. As soon as I reached FIP, I realized that I left a lot of things at home. I mean, A LOT. I will not enumerate these things because I am still frustrated with my day today. =s I am sorry for my rantings, I badly need an outlet for my emotions.

My classmates and I had our projects checked. When Teacher Monina told me that my project is correct, that made me quite happy despite the things running through my mind.
Teacher Monina correcting Robi's project.
My project!
When worn! Excuse the haggard face because I took this when I got home from school.
We also started our Advance Fashion Design class today. My new teacher is Oz Go. He is amazingly good in drawing. He studied Fine Arts at FEU in college before he went to FIP. He graduated last 2009 and he won "Best in Fashion Illustration" during the Graduation Show. As in super talented!! I like Teacher Oz, he is so funny and bubbly! He even invited us to go to his birthday party on September 15. Hihi.
Teacher Oz pero sorry nakatalikod. Hehe.
I have the same set of classmates and only a few new faces for me.
Joyce and Angela. Thank you for lending me your materials this afternoon. You are my saviors!
Ken, Robi and Mich.
Our first exercise is to draw our own design in a fully rendered sketch and also its flats and specifications. This is what I came up with:
Sloppy work.
After that we draw another fashion canon in scale 10. Then Teacher Oz gave us our homework and then he dismissed us. I felt really tired today. No outfit posts as well. Maybe tomorrow would be better. I wish! Sorry for an ugly-lazy-nonsense entry but thanks if you still read it. Time to rest before my tutorials. XOXO, my loves. <3

Oh I haven't shown you my school ID yet, so I will just post it now. =)
Chinchansu ako. Tss.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


As I have mentioned in my previous post, my beloved school UPIS will be relocated. It has been built in Katipunan for many many years and now they will demolish the school there and the new UPIS High School Building will be relocated inside the UP Diliman Campus. The Alumni Homecoming that happened was a meeting regarding that issue. My friends and I didn't listen to that. Haha. We roamed around our old school and took photos. Too bad, it was already evening and because of that my photos were ugly. Haha.
"New" building corridor, 1st floor.
Library. I remember that there's a table inside where my name is vandalized along with rude words describing me. Haha. Oh my lovely haters!
To the "new" building.
"New" building.
We missed high school so much. My friends and I always eat lunch together and share our food with each other back then. We have our "own" lunch table inside the canteen. Haha. No one would sit there during lunch time except me and my beautiful friends. Haha. Selfish much? No. It just happened that other students don't want to sit there. I guess.
Old building.
Painting since 2002.
Alli, Kat, Mara.
We used to sit here while waiting for other students to leave the room.
"New" building with my batchmates.
Alli, Nica, Kat and Mara. Aaron, Marti and Nico at the background.
Cooking and baking room. =)
It was fun reminiscing the things we used to do during high school and enumerate the vandalisms about us. Haha. Those vandalisms were very memorable for me. I would never forget the bitch who wrote my name inside a cubicle of the comfort room in the Old Building. One letter per tile and in bold letters. Haha. Too bad, I did not catch the suspect. Haha.
Yes, this is the comfort room.
So happy!
Vandalized my name!! Haha.
Multi-purpose Hall.
After walking around UPIS, we went to Tomato Kick together with Jaymar and Julius, our UPIS batch mates too. JM also arrived there with his girlfriend Ria. Back in high school, I am not really  close with these guys even though we were batch mates since Kinder. Okay, I am quite anti-social back then because I am not good with meeting and chatting to other people before. Haha. We talked about a lot of things which made us laugh really really hard! Jaymar changed a lot, he speaks like an old man and he seems to know a lot about life. Maybe because he has his own daughter already. Julius on the other hand, is still the same. He tells us stories in a manner that seems not believable but is actually true. I would never forget Julius because he polluted my mind as well as Kat's when we were in second year high school.
My girls with Ria.
Hi JM!
Kat, Julius, Jaymar and me.
JM is a very impulsive person. We were supposed to eat somewhere near Tomato Kick but he ended up wanting to eat at Kabab Persian in E. Rodriguez.
Random food trip.
Affordable food!
JM and Ria.
Thank you High School loves for making this night memorable. I wish I could go back in High School. Special thanks to Jaymar for my Gangster alarm clock.

Outfit shots:
Cute wall.
My old school. =(

Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's my first time to watch a Graduation Fashion Show of my school. There were 30 graduates this year and my teacher in Basic Fashion Design also graduated. They competed for the "Designer of the Year" award and the winner will get an all-expense paid fashion tour in Paris and a portable sewing machine from Brother Philippines. The program started around 7:00 PM and the set up of the stage and runway was just fantastic for me. Haha. While watching the show, I wanted to graduate at that very moment too. I had this giddy feeling while picturing myself and my collection in that stage. I will probably join next year's graduation. So therefore I will have two graduations next year, one for my BS Biology degree in UPLB and one for my Fashion Designing in FIP. How awesome is that! Haha.
Rene Salud, Victor Basa, Divine Lee and Tim Yap were part of the judges as well as Andre and Daryl  Chang.
Moving on to the show proper, here are my personal favorites. Phoooooto dump ahead.
Just because I love tiered skirts.
Her collection was inspired by beetles! You see, you can incorporate anything with Fashion!
Cute and girly dresses inspired by fairies.
Exquisite dresses by Erica Panlilio. My most favorite!
Hello there Teacher Korinne!
Teacher Korinne's collection.
I like the long gown.
I would wear these suits.
Intricate cut outs in the fabric inspired by antique details.

Mikee's color-blocking collection.
The designer was inspired by metal, flesh and blood.
The model who I bumped into when I was buying yosi near my home. Kuya can you model for me next year? Haha.  I have a crush on you. Hihi.
Seph Bagasao's. Fierce shoes too!
Kabog ka sa dayami! Hihi.
Inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
Hi there Rhian Ramos. She modeled for Yong Davalos.
There is also a Fashion Show for the men's wear division. After that, the awarding ceremony took place.
Who's the Designer of the Year?
And the winner is Seph Bagasao!! OMG, what a lucky guy. I think that 2011 is his year. He is even a finalist for PEFTA. He totally deserves to win. That little guy with a big and brilliant mind. He will go a long way in Fashion Designing, I believe. =) I better start conceptualizing my collection right now so that I would also win the Graduation Show next year. Haha. Kidding.
Tears of joy! Aww. 
After watching the show, Yna and I had dinner at CBTL. Thanks for the treat, Batch. You are always generous to me ever since. =)
Cute cakes.
Tomato and Herb Linguine.
Spicy Chicken Salad.
This is what we wore:
Yna made her dress! <3

Meet my awesome graduation shoes. I gave it a road test. Haha.
I had a headache while doing this post. Blogger can't upload my photos a while ago but I am happy now because I'm finally finished with this one. Haha. I will go to UPIS later, my alma mater from Kinder to High School. There's this reunion thing before they will fully relocate the school inside the campus because Ayala bought that piece of land in Katipunan where my humble school stands. Aaw. The high school building will now be relocated near the elementary building. Blogging about that tomorrow. Kbye!