Saturday, September 10, 2011


I went to Los Banos to visit my Boyfriend and to have a vacation as well. It's been a month since I last went there. I missed this place and of course the food trips! I had lunch with my boyfriend when I arrived there. We ate Japanese rolls: California Maki for him and Tempura Roll for me. =)
Lloyd and Lauren.

California Maki.

Tempura Roll.
September 8 is Mama Mary's birthday. My boyfriend and I went to church together with Mac and Mat (his batchmates in his Fraternity).  I used to hear the mass at St. Therese every Sunday or every time I have an upcoming exam. Haha. Once, when I got depressed, I went there almost everyday. Religious much? =p
So many people!!

Mac sleeping, Mat texting. Tsktsk. Hahaha!
After hearing the mass, Lloyd attended his group study for Anatomy while me, on the other hand, met up with my Batchmate Donna and her boyfriend Marco. We went to IC's to have dinner and a few drinks. Haha. I know right, straight from church! I missed them so much. We also waited for Pam and Brick to arrive and Lloyd too after his group study. Too much stories to tell again because it's been a long time since we last saw each other!
Me and Donna.


Triple Date AGAIN! 
Day 1 of my vacation was awesome! I just love spending time with them every time I visit LB. Will probably go back there next month once I get my salary again. Hihi.

What I wore:

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