Saturday, September 10, 2011


I woke up a little late yesterday. After Lloyd's Anatomy exam, we were supposed to eat lunch somewhere in Square but Marco and Donna happened to see us crossing the street so they invited us to have lunch with them at Inasal. Too bad, I don't have photo during our lunch time. Anyway, after eating lunch, I accompanied Lloyd to get his checklist and change of plan of study at the Director's Office in BioSci. Since we are already there, I passed by my org's tambayan to say hi to the resident members. I also missed some of my orgmates! I missed sitting there with them and look at every person who passes by. Haha. You know that's my all-time favorite hobby, PEOPLE-WATCHING.
Gibo, Joubert and Jennie.
With my Sisses! <3
Before Lloyd went to his class, we went to the ATM. I wanted to check if my salary has been deposited. When I saw that my account has money already, I was so happy! It was my first salary and I just  can't help it but to become happy! Haha. I promised myself not to buy shoes with my salary because I already bought two pairs of new shoes this month. I will use my money to buy school supplies. Hihi.

I missed Jianne, Nika and Tere so much. I had dinner with them at Faustina's. We had pepperoni pizza and pesto pasta. I enjoyed our long chat while eating. 
Pepperoni Pizza.

We were the last customers to leave last night. It was also nice talking with Ate Kitts, Ate Ching and Ate Trix again. It's been a long time! No photo with them though. Hehe.
Ate Kitts (haha!), Nika and Jianne,
Me and Tere-ble. =)
My beautiful babies. Haha.
We also went to IC's that night because Alex was also there. He works/studies in Korea and only comes home sometimes. It's like a tradition in our organization that if an Alumni/Alumnae visited LB, we should go out and drink with them. Haha!
Mas maputi na ako kay Nika at Tere. Haha.
Hi Orgmates!
The end. Boyfriend fetched me early. Just wanted to share it. Haha. Kbye. 

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