Sunday, September 25, 2011


I paid the Campus a visit last Friday to meet Jianne for my umbrella. Haha. I stayed there for a few minutes while waiting for Lloyd because he's in his Physics 13 class. I  really miss being a Biology student. I miss studying my major subjects. Feeling ko tuloy lalong pumupurol utak ko. Hahahaha! I am not obliged to memorize lectures now. I don't usually review my notes in Fashion Design or Pattern Making because it is automatically stored in my brain unlike the subjects I took in college like Biochemistry where I forced myself to death to understand the freaking lecture. I only read my notes in Pattern Making when I want to make a pattern for my size to serve as my guide. Hihi. I am not saying that Fashion School is easy peasy but I just proved to myself the cliche that if you do what you really want, it would be easy for yourself because you are enjoying while learning. =)

BioSci Wing A.
Jianne! <3
Inspiration 1.
After Lloyd's class, we went to his apartment and waited for Mat because he is going to get his barong for the FNR that he'll attend.
Mat and Lloyd.
Jump shot.
Love this shot but my outfit is too simple. Haha.
The love of my life. Hihi.
Inspiration 2.
Bebe took me to a sumptuous dinner because he made me cry. Haha. Plus he is really craving for lasagna. We ate at Bonitos. This used to be my favorite restaurant when I was still a Freshman, roughly 6 years ago. Haha. Oh, it's fully air-conditioned now!

Lasagna. I swear, this tastes toooooooooooo great.
Grilled chops.
The next day, we ate at Eat Sumo to satisfy Bebe's California Maki cravings but he is originally craving for Sambo Kojin's rolls.
California Maki.
Chicken Tatsuta.
LB is all about spending time with your great friends there, eating ultimately delicious but cheap food and drinking to your heart's content. I can't wait for my next visit. <3

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