Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Lat December 20, my boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary together. It's the first for us but I'm sure, we will celebrate more anniversaries together. =) My boyfriend arrived late in the afternoon because he had a hard time looking for a gift for me. Haha. He handed the roses he bought which made me really kilig. You know, I always get giddy and kilig every time someone gives me a bouquet of flowers. While dressing up, my boyfriend asked me what pair of shoes am I going to pair with my dress. I told him that I would only wear my black t-straps flat because I should wear heels and wedges less often. Then he pulled out his gift from his bag and asked me if I can wear his anniversary gift. So let me start with my outfit photos taken by my ever-so-loyal-photographer. <3
Topshop Dress from BU2 (Joanna Ladrido) and shoes from Janylin from Bebe! <3
My sister's bag.
My outfit is perfect for a first date! Haha.
We've planning to eat at Yakimix for the longest time and at long last, we finally got the chance to try it.
Loving the chandelier!
Japanese rolls!
Took a photo of the ceiling because I like it. Haha.
Yakimix is also an eat-all-you-can restaurant pretty much like Sambo Kojin. I believe that Sambo Kojin is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Yakimix from their service and staff to the food they serve. I really don't like my experience at Yakimix at all or maybe the problem is just the branch we ate in (which is in SM North Edsa). Hahaha. Enough of the ranting, this is only based on my own opinion. And because of that I am lazy to write about it. Haha. What we ate:

The leche flan with plastic in it. Eew.

More photos!!
My boyfriend is so handsome. <3

Thank you Babe for giving the world to me. I promise to love you forever and I know that you will do the same thing. Happy anniversary to us, let's make our 2012 full of love and happiness! Hihi. <3

Saturday, December 24, 2011


This year has been really amazing and wonderful for me. I will blog about the things that made my 2011 really special before the year ends. =) My December was a blast and these are the highlights of my month (aside from the other events I blogged about). =)

Upsilon's One Act Play.
Brods singing!
Group photo with the contestants!
Mat, Lloyd, Mac. Hi Boys!
Camille, me, Sandy and Millen. Hihi.
UP Diliman's Lantern Parade.
Makoy doesn't want to walk because he is scared of the fireworks!
Hey sexy. Hahaha.
Horses from Fine Arts!
Wishing Lantern.
Cause baby you're a firework!
The crowd!!
Trinoma with Owa and Franz! We ate at Five Cows and Brother's Burgers. We also had frozen yogurt after. =) I missed you Franz and Bossing!!
Meet my college friend, Franz.
And her boyfriend, Owa.

Christmas Party at Momsy's office!
Boj is supeeeeerrrrrr cute! <3
My brother and mother.
Lining up to get our pamaskos! Haha.
Justine, Boj, Rambo and me. <3
My mother and her colleagues. 
At last! I found a leopard print belt. =)

Mini-date with my BFF Mara at Ice Cream Mist after the Christmas Party at my mother's office.
Milk shakes.
Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake.
Love love my BFF!
A few days left before this year ends, I know that I can still make the most of it!

I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart! Hihi. <3

Thursday, December 22, 2011


My father works for a casino in Macau. He started working there since 2005. Once or twice a year, he pays us a visit here in the Philippines or if he cannot come home, my mother and my siblings will visit him instead. I am a very spoiled brat to my father and even my youngest sibling gets jealous on me when my father buys me something. Haha. Now, it's not like that anymore, I don't ask my father to buy this and that but he still gives me presents until now. Thank you father dear for my new camera and my new sewing machine! <3 Anyway, we accompanied my father to the airport after two weeks of staying here in the Philippines. It's not a heartbreaking thing for me anymore since we are all used to this situation already. Hihi. We had pizza and pasta at the airport after my father checked in.
Check out my brother's umiilaw na salamin! Hahahahaha!

 My father saying good byes and bilins to my other siblings.

First 3 babies. My brother Einstein is so pogi and my Ate Curie is so pretty. Hihihi. <3
Papsy took this!
Where I got my good genes and looks. Haha. Joke!
Sorry Nikki, Rambo, Inna and Makoy! Hoho.
My father about to leave again.
I will miss my father again but we always keep in touch with each other through Skype and YM. I love you and see you again soon! Maybe on my graduation day? =) Please please come home on April 2012!!

P.S. Just because it's my favorite pair of boots!