Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When I was still studying, I got so bored going to school, studying about science and seeing people I hate in our school. Haha. I even wished that my parents would allow me to file leave of absence even for just a semester! Of course, they did not allow me. And now that I have all the time in the world to do anything that I want and even sleep like there's no tomorrow, I got bored bumming around, sitting in front of my laptop the whole day and eating like a pig but never getting fat (Grr. I hate it.).

Since my home is really near SM North Edsa and TriNoMa, my sister and I would often go to the mall. After cleaning our room today, we decided to head there. I wanted to buy a pair of new shoes but I just can't find something that I really like. So I ended up buying a nice top. It's fine with me, I think that I'll just save my money for the upcoming Summer Solstice Bazaar. =) So this is what I wore for today's mall trip:
                                                    Forever21 sunnies, SM Department Store Dress, Coach Bag.

Check out the ring I borrowed from Ate. It's a very cute elephant and it costs 35 pesos only. Can you believe it? 35 pesos for a ring this huge and cute? Haha.
So cuteeeeeeee!

And this is Ate craving for McDo fries and Hot Fudge Sundae. 
Hahaha, Okay, you can now hate me Ate for posting this!

When we were about to go home, Nikki texted us that we are going to have dinner outside. It's our father's birthday but too bad,  he can't celebrate it with us because he's working his ass off in Macau so that he can send us to school. Hihi. Had dinner at Barrio Fiesta with Momsy, Nikki, Ate Curie, Makoy, Inna, Allon and Budang (Makoy's yaya).
Mama Chit's platter, Ensalada, Sisig and Seafood Kare-Kare.

Suprisingly, Makoy ate a lot. He doesn't eat that much anymore. He just keep on asking for milk all the time. Anyway, here's a photo of Makoy with his mom (Nikki) and his Mamu (that is what he calls my mother). Makoy also bought two toy cars. He can't get enough of those little cars. 
 Makoy and Nikki.
Momsy, Makoy and his toy car.

Here's Inna and her boyfriend Allon talking after eating and Ate Curie pigging out. Haha.
Easy, Ate Curie!

I don't like their food. I'd rather eat Taco Bell's Double Decker or KFC's Chicken Burger. Why the hell did Momsy choose this restaurant! Haha.
You see my face.  Haha. Oh hello there intruders at the back. =)

After that we went straight to the grocery to buy some items and then we headed home. Gotta wake up early tomorrow! It's CLEARANCE DAY and I think I'm going to blog about it. =) It's going to be a tiring day tomorrow. Zzz.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Just like other girls, there are a lot of things that I like, want and love. I shall enumerate some of them here. =)

Since I was a child I couldn't get enough of dresses. Wearing a dress makes me feel pretty and grown up. It's a staple in my closet and I make sure that I get to buy a dress at least once a month other than other clothing pieces. 

This is the closet were we keep our blazers, cover ups, casual dresses, rompers, cocktail dresses and long gowns. We also store some of our bags in this closet.

Almost every girl in the world would love to own as many pairs of shoes she can. Shoes makes me really happy. They make my heart skip a beat every time I look at them in malls and even in online shops which makes me want to buy the entire store. Haha. I wish I could have like a gazillion pairs before I die!

Some of my babies.

I also love to cook. My mother is a really good cook as well as my Lola. Maybe it runs in our genes. Haha. I taught myself to cook. I read cook books and food magazines, download recipes from the internet, modify some of the recipes I read, experiment a little and of course ask my Mother for some recipes. My Mother once told me that if you love to eat, you should know how to cook.
Food I cooked before. I love to cook pasta!

Who doesn't love their own family? Even though there are times that I quarrel with my parents or even my siblings, I still love them to bits! I super love my nephew as well. We call him "Makoy". My sister, Nikki, got pregnant when she was 17 years old! Hahaha. Makoy is my stress reliever even though he pisses me off sometimes because he's superrrrrrrrrrr makulit!
One big happy family! Oops. Blurry!

I would not trade any of my highschool barkada for knowing a new person even though it's Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. I love them so much. They are the people who knows me really well aside from my family. I can tell anything to them make it a problem or just a random thought about a person whom I hate. I miss them. We rarely see each other anymore due to our busy schedules. I love you Mara, Kat, Lilah, Tasha, Alli, Piya, Mich and Jackie!

My Chix!

Nica is my bestfriend. We have known each other since kinder. We even went to the same school in college. Though we don't belong in the same clique, we still manage to go out once in a while. I love you Nica! Thank you for always treating me to lunch or something. Haha. 'Cause you're rich like that!
Nica and me at Pancake House.

Back in college, I joined two organizations. First is Philobioscientia: The UPLB Life Sciences Society (an academic organization) and the second one is Sigma Delta Phi (a sorority). I met different kinds of people in both organizations. They made me into a better person and helped me prepare for the REAL world. Thanks to them! Especially to the following people: Aryan, Roxie, Bernice, Riva, Franz, Xanders (+), Enard, Chard, Owa, Je, Ate Jaemie, Kukay, Ailee,  Keian, Iza, Tere, Nika, Jianne, my Inaanaks (Hannah Mei, Tonio, Kiel and Jolo), Lilax, Baby, Ma-lai, Llendl, Micz, Nalie, Sha, Eunice, Det and Jemuel.
Hello Orgmates!

Sisters by heart. Holler to my batchmates (2007s), they are the best girls in college. The prettiest girls, as well. =)

Last but not the least, just when I thought the world is about to end and I don't freaking care about myself anymore because I got depressed about someone who isn't even worth my tears (Yeah, I am so stupid back then. What the hell. Haha!), he came into my life. No words can explain how much I love him. We do fight most of times because of our differences but we are now getting over that stage (Finally!). I am so lucky to have you but please don't make pigil if I want to go shoe-shopping. Hahaha. Sorry if I am a brat and a bitch most of the time. I know that you can deal with it! I love you Babe. <3
Lloyd Brandon: my other half, my boyfriend, my everything. =)