Sunday, September 11, 2011


Last Saturday, I had a photo shoot with my high school batchmates Marti, Kevin, Jackie and Lilah. The two boys were the photographer, Lilah was the model, Jackie was the make-up artist and I was the stylist. I arrived late because I came all the way from Los Banos so I really wasn't able to do my job. =( The shoot was held in a studio at Tomas Morato. I enjoyed it but I wish that I arrived early.
Photographers and model.
Lilah was a great model. She only needs to practice with her poses a little. She is tall and sexy. She also knows how to project in front of the camera. Hihi.
My soon to be model for my collection! Haha.
Jackie, on the other hand is a very good make-up artist and considering that she haven't had a formal training yet. I missed Jackie! We hardly see her because she works at night that's why she can't come to our barakada gimiks. So since Jackie was there, I asked her to put make-up on me as well. Haha.
Told Jackie to give Lilah an up-do. 
I made Lilah wear my low-back dress from Glitterati which is way to short for her. Haha. I brought only a few things for styling because I was in a hurry to go to the studio because I might not catch them anymore there. So sorry for the poor styling but good thing is that Lilah rocked the dress! I wanted to add so much more with this look. Hmp. Also I have small feet, I wanted to bring shoes for Lilah but it will not fit her.
Kevin coaching Lilah to pose.
We were also supposed to have an outdoor shoot but it rained. Maybe next time and I'll make sure that I will be prepared that time. Haha. Thank you Marti and Kevin for inviting us! Can't wait for our next collaboration especially the one where I have to sew the model's clothes. =) You two were awesome!! I enjoyed it so much plus the catching up we did. Hihi. After that, we had lunch at Maginhawa at Teacher's Village in UP Diliman.
Yup, kailangan talaga wacky! Haha.
I love love love this hot pink bunny ears head-dress! Haha. So cute like me! Joke.
Can't wait to see the actual photos for this shoot! Will probably post those photos soon. =) Good night!

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