Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today's lesson in Fashion Design is all about animal fur, feathers and skins. We were taught how to render it in our sketches. Teacher Aram asked us to wear or bring anything animal-printed or whatsoever. He himself also brought a few samples for us to look at. I feel sad especially for the rabbits sacrificed for the vest he brought. I remembered the rabbit meat I saw in South Supermarket and I was thinking that only sick people would eat rabbit meat. I wouldn't eat rabbit meat EVER in my whole life because I once had a pet rabbit which I named Pikachu. Yes, after a Pokemon but is not a rabbit at all. Haha. I like his Miu Miu bag, though! It is made of real pony fur.
Pony. Rabbit. Fox. Ostrich. Goat.

Teacher Aram putting on his goat fur rag. Haha.
I was so scared to try on this rabbit fur vest! Cha is brave enough. Haha.

I am quite happy with my drawings. I mean, I am improving so much! Hihi. With a lot of help from our Teacher. Of course. =) I am very lazy in class, my sketches were always half-finished. I don't have enough time to color the skin and draw faces. Poor me. Haha.

Went to the balcony and had a mini photo shoot with my Fashionista classmates. Thank you Ken for taking the first three photos. =)
2NE1 pose!

Joyce's fierce leggings!
Angela wearing a  very cute top. <3
Love this one!
Thank you Joyce and Angela for taking my outfit shots. Today's school outfit is not really special. I want the focus to be on my earrings. =)
Simplicity is beauty. Hahaha!

I wanna see your peacock!
Too bright. Sorry.
Super wiiiiiiiiiiiindy!
Actually, I feel bad today. I had an argument with my mother this morning and I don't want to answer her back but she said something that made me really angry, pissed and depressed. I have to email my father about it even though I know that he will not take my side and I also talked with my youngest sister to pour my heart out. I have to let it out before I go to school because I will be depressed the whole day. I remembered in college, every time that I'm having an argument with my mother, I would always shout "Uuwi na ako ng LB!!" and then I will pack my things in a jiff and after a few hours, I am already lying in my apartment's bed (which I miss so much now). I will then text my orgmates or sorority batchmates asking them to go out with me to drink beer. I wanted to do that this morning but I have to go to school today and tomorrow. I have no other choice but to deal with it. =(

Anyway. Sorry for my rants.