Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The voice of my little nephew woke me up this morning. He was crying and asking for milk. Ate Curie quickly went downstairs to fix Makoy's milk. I think there was a miracle because I did not get agit even though Makoy's cry is as loud as a siren, Haha. I am also excited to go to school today because we will be doing patterns for pants. I wanted to make myself high-waist shorts which I can wear to school. Hihi. I just now have to make a pattern in my size. Our real teacher in Advance Pattern Making came in to class today. Her name is Cor Sunglao. She is also great like most of the FIP teachers. I also like the way she explains the lesson in our class very clearly.
Pretty Teacher Cor in action. Hehe.
Break time. Love Irish's lipstick shade.
Yna also went to school today! It was so embarrassing because we made a scene in class. Haha. I shrieked when I saw her as if it has been years since we last saw each other! She did one of her sewing projects today.
Yna's dress.
I missed you and our chikka minutes! <3
We only did 4 patterns today, 2 sleeves (Dolman and Raglan), the jean style pants and the pleated pants but we are not yet finish with that one. School's okay today, I did not get really tired. =)

Love your own:
Got my dress for only 300 pesos. =)

It is printed with hearts. <3
Looks familiar?
Thank you again Ate Curie for taking these awesome photos. Much love!

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