Monday, October 31, 2011


I was surprised when I saw that Nathan and Riva changed the date for their Baby Shower. I blame myself for deactivating my Facebook account and them for not texting me. Haha. It's all good, I still made it to the event. =) It was very fun because I got to see my orgmates especially Riva and Franz, the two lovely girls whom I terribly miss. I wished that Aryan, Roxie, Bernice and Noah were also there!
MY BOTANY 3 GROUPMATES.  That's why were tight. Haha.
I kept on shrieking every time someone arrives. Haha. I was just too excited and happy  to see all of them. Hello Brods and Sisses! I missed college again. Enjoy na enjoy lang ako sa mga pasabog nyo! Hahaha. I wanna go back to college just because of you guys. Hihi. My orgmates played a huge part in my life. I will not be myself without them. I swear, it feels so good to be with them. <3

From Nathan's.
My friends are getting pregnant and I am left behind! Haha. I want to have my own baby too but not now. Haha. I am happy for them. I hope their babies will be very cute! More photos. =)
With Chong.
Riva is giving birth soon! Hihi,
Pretty sisses. <3
Since this is a Baby Shower, there's this mini segment where we opened the gifts we bought for Baby Caleb and gave Riva and Nathan sweet messages wishing them good luck and endless love within their family. =)
Tita Remy, the soon-to-be Grandmother.
Franz and Owa's gift!
The Pangkabuhayan Showcase! Haha.
Sis Leah is also preggy!
Saying their thank you. <3
I am so excited for their baby. I like babies ever since my sister had Makoy. I am wishing Riva a safe delivery and a very healthy baby boy! See you soon Caleb. I will make you a playmate soon! Hahahaha. Kidding!

Oh this is what they got for Caleb from the Baby Shower! TY Nathan, I stole 2 photos. =)
Good night!


Meet my brothers and sisters. My father requested us to send him group photos. Maybe he misses us that much. =)
Mirror shot.
The girls and my shoes.

Makoy making epal lang! Haha.

One by one.
Marie Curie.
Jan Einstein.
Dominique Marie.
Albert Jan..
Inna Marie.
Nung kabataan namin. See the transformation!! Please don't laugh. Joke. Fashionista ko lang oh! Dragon ball Z pa shirt ko!! Kainis. Hahaha.
Haha. 10 years ago?
My outfit:
Spot Makoy's ball.

Worn my skirt as a dress. =)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I learned about Beanstalk way back in my college years through my orgmate, Keian. It was a very long time ago when I last ate there. I love the ambiance of the place because it's located on the rooftop and I love the breeze of the air at Beanstalk. The place is perfect for chismisan and bonding sessions with your friends over coffee and food. Actually, Beanstalk is a coffee shop but ironically, I haven't tried any of their coffee yet because I am not a fan of coffee. Hihi. I like their pasta and iced tea though. =)

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I had a sudden trip to LB and we decided to meet at SM Calamba. The restaurants in SM Calamba are very common and are found all over the Philippines so I decided to take him to Beanstalk instead. =) The coffee shop is decorated with Halloween stuffs and the waiters have spooky props with them and their faces were also painted. I wanted to take a photo of the waiter who served us but I am to shy to ask him. Haha. This is the place:
Girls bonding. Hihi.
The view.
 We ordered quite a lot of food because we are not going to eat rice and this is what we ate:
Mexican beef quesadillas! So good for only 80.00 pesos!
Yes the lasagna looks dry and is actually dry but tastes okay.
Fettucine alfredo.
Hamburger costs only 65.00 pesos.
Iced tea. <3
Bebe eating.
Food there is not expensive, they're like student-budget-friendly ones. Don't expect too much that they taste incredibly great but I can say that they are not bad at all. That's what you get for the price you pay. Hehe. It's also perfect because we are also on a tight budget. Haha! If you are living near Calamba, try going to Beanstalk some time. It's the perfect chill place for you, your friends and boyfriend or girlfriend. Hihi.
Okay, no lipstick look. Cozy ko lang, naka-indian sit pa. Haha!
I feel better now! Yay! I want to see my boyfriend all the time. I mean, everyday for the rest of my life. Okay, cheesy na! Bye. <3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I told you that I'm going to wear again SOON the romper I got from Chictopia. I picked it up with the love of my life at the Postal Office last week. I lost my stub so we have to find my name in 8 thick record folders. It took us a few minutes to find my name, oh no, my love was the one who found my name! Haha. So good huh! =p He even paid 40.00 pesos for the postal fee of my reward. Thanks! I traded my hard earned 3900 chic points for this Sweet Surrender Lace Romper care of Threadsence and I don't regret it at all. According to Chictopia, this is the romper's specs:
-Light blue romper with a lace design throughout.
-Has a functional button placket down the center and there is elasticity at the back waist.
-Straps are adjustable to create the perfect fit.
-23.5" length from top of bust
-60% Polyester, 30% Nylon
It is 2 sizes bigger for me but I still redeemed it because it's too cute and you know, I have this "thing" for rompers. Haha! Check it out!
Stockings up.
Stockings down.

Fixing the bracelet.

Ang chaka ng pose ko but I still like this photo!
Since I am madly in love to the latest addition for my growing collection of rompers in my closet, I will post more pictures of myself wearing it. Hihi. Please allow me to do this because my Facebook account is deactivated. Why? Will tell it laterrr.

These are my accessories, my shoes and my romper up-close.
Ate's bracelets and shades.
Not a tattoo. It's the design of the stockings I'm wearing.
Sweet. =)
It's the last day of my Advance Fashion Design and Teacher Aram gave us a small gift. He printed our designs (remember my 2 drawings in this post) on fabric after editing and playing with it in Photoshop and AutoCad. =)
Okay, you will not appreciate this if you are not an art student. Seriously. Or maybe just I thought so.
I took photos of my classmate GD just because I told her that I got my romper for free from Chictopia and that she should start using her account again. Hihi. GD is 18 years old and she studied Fine Arts for two years at UST. She's so nice and friendly. Too bad, I only got to now her this term!
Cutie plaid skirt.

I will miss going to school! I will miss my classmates! I will miss everyone! =(
My Tuesday lunch buddies. Angela and Joyce.
Nagpapa-autograph si Marianne. Hihi.
I deactivated my Facebook account because I am friggin' depressed and I don't want to vent out my emotions again in Facebook by posting statuses and whatsoever. I texted my highschool friend Kat and good thing is that she asked me to meet up with her even if it's short notice. I was supposed to go to Fairview to go to the funeral of my friend's Dad but I did not have enough time to be able to reach home by 9:30 PM according to my time estimate and so I ended up meeting Kat. I will visit Jackie's dad tomorrow.
Okay, no more lipstick!!
Thank you Kat for making me feel better. You really know what to say and do when I am sad and depressed. I love you forever. TY for the beers too. Please don't be bitter that I deactivated my Facebook account. I will be back soon. Text mo na lang ako or please wag ka magpaka-cheap, tawagan mo ako. Hehe. TY for all the love and support. Hugs and kisses. <3