Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This term, I haven't arrived on time yet for my class. I always wake up late and I move very slow in the morning. I leave my home around 9:30 or 10:00 AM which is much okay for me because there are less people riding the MRT. Haha. Today's lesson for Fashion Design is about color rendering. We started with skin tones, gradients and we also discussed about common inspirations used in Fashion Design.
Caucasian. Asian. African.
Split-contrast, two-tone, mono-tone.
Okay sorry. This is so candid!
Oh! I also got a chance to have a glimpse on the Miss Universe Pageant a while ago because the staff and teachers of the school were watching. Hihi. Congratulations to Miss Philippines' Shamcey Supsup! Anyway, while having lunch with my classmates, Angela mentioned that she and her friend will make a blog. Can't wait to see their blog. She said that they will post their looks in it. =) So after having lunch, we had a mini-photoshoot! Thank you Robi for taking our photos. You are the sweetest kid. Hihi. =) BTW, he took Fashion Photography last term. 
Did you notice that Kalai, Joyce and I are wearing boots and dresses? That's a coincidence!! Haha. Especially me and Kalai wearing black vests! Pretty cool huh. <3
Work it!
After class, I met up with Nina Quitiquit, my batchmate in college to get my yearbook! Finally got it after two years! Haha. It's good and I like it. 

Vanity time! Thank you Ate Curie for taking my photos early in the morning. Hihi. Not really sure who or what is my inspiration for today. I also wore this dress before in one of my previous entries. =)
Good morning!

No smiling.
I love this so much. HAHA.
Studded Boots.
School again tomorrow! J.A.P.A.N. Hihi.

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