Saturday, September 17, 2011


I promised my boyfriend to treat him with my hard-earned salary from my tutorials. I also think that he deserves something really good because he has been very caring and loving to me for the past 8 months. Plus he also gives me anything that I want. Haha. Cheesy lang. So I researched about eat-all-you-can restaurants here in the Metro. I came up with 3 choices, Yakimix, Seoul Garden and Sambo Kojin. Seoul Garden is my choice for lunch time while the two others is for dinner. Since Lloyd arrived at my home around 2:30 PM already, Seoul Garden is crossed out. We were supposed to eat at Yakimix in Trinoma but good heavens, if we are going to wait, we will be number 28 or 29 in the waiting list! It's quite okay because Yakimix is quite overrated already but I still really want to try it anyway. After having our hearts broken there, I called Sam Kojin's landline and luckily there are still seats for that night even though I did not make a reservation. We went straight to Sambo Kojin in Edsa after that call.
My new found happy place.
Their staff were really nice. As soon as you enter the restaurant's door, you'll be greeted my the receptionist and she will have you seated right away, if you have a reservation or if there are vacant seats for walk in customers. An assigned waiter will assist you and explain to you what they have if it's your first time, like me and Lloyd. Thank you Kuya Gener for being so nice to us and for taking our first photo together that night. Haha.
"What do they have there?" must be the question in your mind right now. They have a wide and delectable selection of meat and vegetables that you may grill on your table but they also have a lot of cooked food so you can still eat while waiting for your meat to cook. We got ourselves tempura, ebi fry, cordon bleu, ika rainbow (which I like so much), fish tempura and other fried ones. We also tasted their gyoza, katsudon, beef stew and others that I forgot what they are called. They are too many that's why I can't remember everything. You can also request for sukiyaki and kamameshi rice but we failed to do that. Haha. Let me show you what we ate that night.
Bebe is excited and happy! Haha.
Round 1 and I already felt full. Tss.
I want to have a grill like this at home! 
These sauces are used for your grilled meats. =)
Almost done with round 1!
The love of my life! Haha.
It suddenly became Lloyd's birthday! Haha. The waiters came into our table with this cute chocolate cake with a pink candle and started singing happy birthday to him. It was so funny!
He enjoyed it as well!
Singing waiters. Hihi.
Time to blow your birthday candle!

I was already full after eating what we got in the first round but I forced myself to eat some more because their sushi and Japanese roll bar was so irresistible! God! It's like heaven to me. Haha. I wished that I started with the Japanese rolls instead of the fried ones!! Argh.
Different kinds of rolls and I wanted to try everything but this is what I only end up with.
We also got ourselves dessert!
Little cakes, cream puffs and one marshmallow. Haha.
And now, he is full!
I was supposed to take pictures of the buffet table but my photos are not really good because the table is half-empty that time. This is what I only captured:
Bebe's favorite: California maki.
Vegetables for grilling.
Meat for grilling.
Dessert bar.
I will probably go back to Sambo Kojin again. =) You know the feeling when you get to eat very good tasting food. I want to eat there with my family and girlfriends! I think that would be very enjoyable, but of course I will still tag along my cute boyfriend. Haha. It was a very nice experience with him! Can't wait for our next date here in the Metro!

Additional information about Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill:
The prices are as follows:
Monday to Friday Lunch (P495.00) additional P100.00 with left over.
Monday to Sunday Dinner (P595.00) additional P100.00 with left over.
Saturday to Sunday Lunch (P595.00) additional P100.00 with left over.
Children's Price under 4 feet (P295.00)

Japanese and Korean Food

Contact them at their Eastwood branch (4210145 to 46) and EDSA branch (7264466 or 7264520).

Visit their website:

Much love! <3

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