Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Knowing the history of Fashion is a must if you are pursuing a career in Fashion. Teacher Aram discussed briefly but concisely the history of Fashion and I am pretty amazed with the information that  I learned. Each era is very important and my favorite era is during the 1980s where everything about Fashion became in excess and people always celebrate. Forget about the "drug part" though. Haha. Technology also blossomed during this era.
After discussing the history, we were taught to render beads, prints and lace. My drawings were very bad! Haha. I know!
Beads, lace, prints.
We were also asked to bring our inspirations for our Fashion Design final project/drawing. My classmate GD, brought this little telescope-looking thingy which has a "film" from her grandmother's wedding around 100 years ago! I wanted to take a picture of her inspiration but it is not possible. Haha. It even looks 3D when you look through it. Everyone was curious so all of us looked into GD's little innovation. Innovation talaga! Haha.
Teacher Aram.
GD looking through her inspiration.
Normal day at school. No outfit shots as well but I have photos with my classmates. Say hello to these gorgeous girls!
Joyce, Cha, Angela and Kalai. Clarise, Mariane, Tita Carol and GD at the background.


Time to do my next post! Hihi.

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