Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It's Tuesday again and it's another day for Fashion Design. I came in late at school because of the freaking maniac who touched my behind two times. I was very angry this morning because of that. Grr! GTHL!! That was a first and I will make sure that it will also going to be the last.

For a change let me start my entry with my school outfit for today.
Borrowed my mother's sheer polo without her permission.

My YSL shoes. =)
Loving my sister's Wet N' Wild lipstick shade. =)
Today, we were taught to render fabrics that are sheer, sheen, shiny, glossy and matte. We also had a discussion about the history of Fashion. In two weeks time we have to submit one fully rendered amazing sketch to Teacher Aram based from the inspiration that we are going to show him. School snapshots:
Ken and Aya doing their sketches.
Cutie Cha.
Joyce's very cute skirt!
I hate this day. I hope tomorrow will be better. How about you, how was your day?

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