Thursday, October 27, 2011


I learned about Beanstalk way back in my college years through my orgmate, Keian. It was a very long time ago when I last ate there. I love the ambiance of the place because it's located on the rooftop and I love the breeze of the air at Beanstalk. The place is perfect for chismisan and bonding sessions with your friends over coffee and food. Actually, Beanstalk is a coffee shop but ironically, I haven't tried any of their coffee yet because I am not a fan of coffee. Hihi. I like their pasta and iced tea though. =)

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I had a sudden trip to LB and we decided to meet at SM Calamba. The restaurants in SM Calamba are very common and are found all over the Philippines so I decided to take him to Beanstalk instead. =) The coffee shop is decorated with Halloween stuffs and the waiters have spooky props with them and their faces were also painted. I wanted to take a photo of the waiter who served us but I am to shy to ask him. Haha. This is the place:
Girls bonding. Hihi.
The view.
 We ordered quite a lot of food because we are not going to eat rice and this is what we ate:
Mexican beef quesadillas! So good for only 80.00 pesos!
Yes the lasagna looks dry and is actually dry but tastes okay.
Fettucine alfredo.
Hamburger costs only 65.00 pesos.
Iced tea. <3
Bebe eating.
Food there is not expensive, they're like student-budget-friendly ones. Don't expect too much that they taste incredibly great but I can say that they are not bad at all. That's what you get for the price you pay. Hehe. It's also perfect because we are also on a tight budget. Haha! If you are living near Calamba, try going to Beanstalk some time. It's the perfect chill place for you, your friends and boyfriend or girlfriend. Hihi.
Okay, no lipstick look. Cozy ko lang, naka-indian sit pa. Haha!
I feel better now! Yay! I want to see my boyfriend all the time. I mean, everyday for the rest of my life. Okay, cheesy na! Bye. <3

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