Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Doing a tailored collar is so hard. There are a lot of measurements, lines and steps. I was late in class because the MRT was not functioning the time I arrived there so I have to take the bus. The traffic was quite bad and there is nothing new about that. This is my tailored collar pattern. Special thanks to Ate Steph and Irish for helping me out!
Really hard. =s
It's also our last day for the lessons but the remaining sessions will be devoted for making our projects. Our teacher checked our designs and told us to make the patterns that we are going to use. I was assigned to make a garment that is V-neck. I am making a dress with a full bias skirt. Wish me luck! I love Teacher Cor's jumpsuit. She looks gorgeous in it. =)
Teacher Cor.
It rained hard a while ago and then the sun came out again, the weather is just so freaking bipolar. The rain drops were huge and there were also thunders. Bonded with my classmates over yosi.
With my lovely friend.
Aya, Ate Steph, Irish, Marianne.
Irish's cute tights!
Thank you Ate Steph and Irish, again, for taking my vanity shots. <3 Nothing really special about my outfit but I am loving my new pair of babies. =)
By Ate Steph.
By Irish.
A little bit of wind effect.
Haggard lang. Hehe.
Makoy is watching me will I am typing this entry. His head is leaning on my shoulder. Hihi. So cute. Get well soon baby boy. =) Random!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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