Saturday, October 15, 2011


I've been hearing a lot of people talking about Banchetto for quite a while now. They said that it is very much like a bazaar but they sell food instead of clothes, shoes, accessories and make-up. Well, Banchetto is an Italian word which means feast or banquet in English. I am a sucker for food tripping and I have been waiting for someone to invite me to eat at Banchetto but nobody cares to invite me. Haha. So my sister and I planned to go there with our siblings and Makoy. =) Our payday treat for them! I am overwhelmed as soon as we started walking around the food stalls. True enough, it was a feast for every customer there. I wanted to taste every food there but my little tummy cannot accommodate anything aside from a huge slice of deep-dish pizza and a slice of red velvet cake. I also tasted the food items my siblings bought.

Let me give a sneak peak of Banchetto in case you haven't go there yet.

Deep-dish pizzas!

French macaroons!


Korean food!




Banchetto also have isaw, steaks  barbeques, etc. No photos though. =(

These are some of the food that we tried. I forgot to take photos of the other food we ordered because we are very hungry from all the waiting we did for us to have a seat. Haha.
Roasted chicken, mashed potato and mac and cheese.
We really wanted to try everything there but all of us got full easily. The problem with Banchetto is that they do not have enough seats for the customers and I find it very hard to walk around the food stalls because of the gravel! It is located in the parking lot of Megatent, that's why. I suggest that you wear rubber shoes if you are planning to go there. Haha. Joke! Snap shots with my siblings. JM, my sisters boyfriend also went there with us.
Ate Curie, Inna and me.
Nikki, JM and Makoy.
Ate Curie, me and Rambo.
Baby sister. Yaaaaaaaaaaaak. Haha.
Makoy is enjoying his chocolate cake! Haha.
Nice one JM! Haha. It's okay, and thank you for driving us home.

I want to go there again with my boyfriend. I think he will also enjoy the food there. Maybe next time!

What I wore which is very comfortable. =) Excuse again the haggard face!

Want to go there and grab a bite? Check out Banchetto's website and Facebook account for their schedule and for more details HERE and HERE. =)


  1. thanks for this post :)
    i also want to try it ^__^

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  2. I want to try this! Nom, nom, nom... a feast to the eyes... pano pa sa tiyan! Haha. At in fairness, ang cute ng outfit mo.. pero feel ko masakit sa paa ung doll shoes sa gravel. Nyaha!