Monday, October 17, 2011


It was a different activity/experience for me and my girlfriends to attend a fair. Most of the time, we will go to Trinoma or Tomas Morato Area to eat and drink. Mich was the one who invited us to come with her at this fair that she is going to check out. 100% of entrance proceeds will go to students of Scuolla dela Guioia (Tondo children) and SKR Program (Romblon scholars). What an amazing outreach program. =) I am lucky to have a gift bag from Belle de Jour since I registered online. I also got the chance to have slots for two talk segments during the event which I failed to attend because we were terribly late. Too bad! When we arrived there we roamed around the fair and checked out the booths.
Mich got her gift bag!
Free videoke care of RedBox!
Free make-over and small freebies from Etude House.
Divine Lee! I just love her. <3
My commitment for next year is that I will fulfill my dream as a designer!

Shoes from StyleMylo.
When Mara, Kat and Lilah arrived we photo booth-whored at Athena's booth care of LitratoniJuan! I think we are addicted to photo booths! Haha. It's very fun to become silly and put on wigs and hat in front of a camera and have it printed right away. Instant souvenir from an event or party! The person who invented the photo booth is a genius! Check out our photos. Okay, you can laugh at me. Haha. Credits to LitratoniJuan website.

We also enjoyed free shooters from Sober Club! They have this game where you have to drink 6 (if I am not mistaken) different flaming shots! We only tried until level two because we are not game that much. Losers? Haha. Level two is almost like the Smoker's Delight from Kinabuch in Palawan! We tried some of their shooters like their Screw Driver and Boracay Mocha Blend which is superb!! Had two shots of it and I wanted to have more but it's embarrassing to ask for more because they would know that I drink too much. Hahahaha. Their staff are really nice as well as their bartenders. =)
Me and my friends doing level 1! Insane, flaming shot through your mouth!
Free shots!! =)
Surprise! We got a little bit dizzy after level two! Maybe because we haven't had dinner yet. Yeah, I think if we continued until level 6, we will all get drunk! Hahaha. We walked around the fair grounds some more and had our hair done at Azta's booth. For free, of course!
My best friend Mara and me! =)
My pretty friends.
Cartoon-ized us. Haha,
We had dinner at Prince of Persia. Food is just okay and their garlic sauce and hot sauce is very bad but serving size gets an A+! I did not finish the food I ordered. 
Shawarma rice.
Shawarma with cheese.
Chelo koobideh,
We topped off our night by having a few drinks at Eastwood too. Oh no, I forgot the name of the bar where we had drinks! That's bad. Chix, help me out. Haha. I had an amazing time with my girlfriends even though we are not complete. We talked about love life, work, plans in life and then about life itself. We are really matured now based from the topics of our conversations. Back then we talk about love life and other nonsense things. Haha.
I miss Strong Ice.
Typical Eastwood night.
Mukha lang wala kami ininom pero meron!
Kat has peacock feather earrings too!
By height! Haha.
Now. Outfit posts. =) I just borrowed those mustard harem pants to my sister. Thank you Ate Curie. I think I look really short in these photos. What do you think?

My longest pair. Haha.
I am sick and I have to go to school tomorrow. I have to rest now. Have a great week ahead. Good night! =)

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