Friday, October 21, 2011


I had a quick vacation aka sem-ender with the boys at Quezon Province last Wednesday-Thursday. Lloyd invited me to come with them because he said that the brods will also invite their girlfriends over but I ended up to be the only girl who came with them. It's all good because I know that I am very safe with them and I know that my boyfriend will never leave me alone there. We arrived around 8:30 PM at our destination, just the right time to have dinner. I cooked picadillo and luckily everyone liked it! Thank you Mat and Lloyd for helping me chop the vegetables. Haha. It's my second time to experience boodle fight! =) Akim bought two roasted chickens too.
Yes, I did!

I slept early and when Lloyd and I woke up the next day it was raining! We waited for the rain to stop because we really wanted to swim. Haha. To kill time, we cooked breakfast for everyone. =)
Boodle fight number two!
Then the rain stopped and we went to the sea! Yay. The beach is not that beautiful but I think that it's perfect for surfing because of the big waves. Is it just because of the weather? Haha. Check out the surfer boys at our background.
Hi Mat and Bebe.
The waves and the surfers.
My cute swimsuit!
I enjoy simple things in life and moments like this. It's not really an extravagant vacation but the memories are treasured. I really don't care where I will go but as long as I am with the people I love I can enjoy it to the fullest. =)

P.S. There are hermit crabs in the resort but too bad I failed to take a photo of them hence the title. =)

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