Monday, October 10, 2011


My mother went to the province last week together with my nephew, my nephew's yaya and my grandfather. I don't want to be alone in our home so I headed to Laguna the day they left. My original plan for that weekend was to do my patterns for my project and to sketch something for Fashion Design. Again, I did not do any of those two tasks. I am a very lazy person and later after my tutorials, I shall cram to do my patterns. I have to get that one done first!

Lloyd and I wore our second couple shirt. We did not wear the matching shorts though. Haha. Thank you Seph for taking our photos. <3
Pre-order couple shirt from Glammouroza Shop.

My cutie Bebe.

Chillin' at Cleb with Mat and Seph. They also talked about their upcoming Upsilon Expo on November. I wish them success in that event. =) Watch out for their activities!!
Mat. Seph. Lloyd.

That night, we went out with Mat and Mac. Every time I visit my boyfriend in LB, there is no way that we will not go out with his batchmates and of course with Donna, Marco, Pam and Brick. Just don't have photos when we went out with the power couple, Donna and Marco. Anyway, I had dinner and beer at Auntie Pearl's with the boys. Here's what we ate:
Meaty spaghetti.
Pepperoni and mushroom pizza. The crust is even stuffed!
Chili cheesy fries.
Plain burger.
Mac eating his tacos.
We always talk about a lot of things and I am never left out with them. I like you boys but please don't be a bad influence to Lloyd. Joke! Haha.
Mat, Mac and Lloyd. The boys who are always seen in my blog.
Yuck eyebags! Haha.
Had a great long weekend at LB. I also attended a fellowship for my sorority! How I missed attending our activities. Maybe I should blog about it too but I have to steal photos first. Haha.

School day again tomorrow. Rawr. @_@

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  1. Haha. Sikat na sikat yang mga boys na yan sa blog mo. :D