Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Wearing pink makes me feel pretty and chic and adding pearls to an outfit makes me feel extra girly. I am usually drawn wearing printed mini skirts, high-waist shorts and casual dresses. I seldom wear pants just because I am not comfortable wearing it making my legs itchy. Haha. I think I already mentioned that before in one of my previous entries. Today, I wore my hot pink bandage skirt and matched it with my sheer white polo. I like wearing polo nowadays. It is a closet-must have for me!

For your information, I did not use my graduation babies at school! They are for picture-taking purposes only. Haha. Want to have your own pair of Miu Miu-inspired heels? Visit Heel and Sole Shop in Facebook. =) Kariza, the owner, offers a lot of other designs of shoes for pre-order, I was supposed to buy a pair this month from her but I am in a shoe shopping ban this month AND I AM STRICTLY FOLLOWING MY RULE. Pinky swear. =)

My nephew Makoy wanted to have his picture taken while I am posing in front of the camera. Oh you little kid!! Bakit ang kulit mo, inagawan mo pa ako ng moment! Haha.
Big smileeeee!
It's the last day of our pattern making class and we will just meet again for the photo shoot. Yes, this term was that fast!! Teacher Cor helped us with our patterns for our projects and we talked about our photo shoot this coming November. We badly need models but those who are up for X deals only or in other words who has no talent fee. Haha. Do you know someone or do you want to model for us? Haha. It would be a very great addition for your portfolio. =p
Argh patterns!
I'll miss you Irish!
Mas late sakin, Kalai! =p
Busy lang! =) You see, I am wearing a different pair of shoes.
I now have to search for the perfect fabrics for my project. Will go fabric hunting this weekend! Wish me luck. Enjoy the rest of your week, friends. =) TTFN!


  1. wow very cute pink skirt! love it :)


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