Friday, July 1, 2011


Having good food isn't only about eating at fancy restaurants and five-star hotel buffets and spending atleast 1000 pesos for a steak. For me, it is about exploring food chains, restaurants and even karinderyas and trying every food that looks delicious or just looks worth eating. Haha. For the last week of my vacation and bumness, I pleaded to my Boyfriend to accompany me to eat 10 meals that I will miss from LB because it's time for me to go to Fashion School already. This is only according to my taste buds so I really don't care if you don't like the food I included here or maybe you should also give it a try if you haven't tasted it yet. Haha. This is randomly arranged and not according to my most favorite down to the least. Here it goes:

1. Eatsumo Teri Haus' Combo Meal 2 which includes shrimp tempura, chicken/beef/pork teriyaki, 2 california maki, rice, mango and vegetable sidings. Although their food tastes quite bland, this is still one of my favorites because it never fails to make my tummy full. This meal costs only 95.00 pesos. You can also try there other meals like their Chicken Cordon Bleu and Pork Tonkatsu. Eatsumo offers a wide array of affordable Japanese food (price ranging from 55.00 pesos to 150.00 pesos) located at the 2nd floor of Anker's Building Grove, LB.
Combo 2. 
Combo 5: Tonkatsu/Torikatsu, Kani Salad, Rice and Vegetable Sidings.
 2. Mommy Ludy's Hayashi Burger Steak/Parmesan Chicken. I just love the cheese sauce poured over the burger steak/chicken which tastes just exactly what I want it to be. Oh I can't explain it, actually. Haha. This meal icludes a cup of rice and coleslaw or potato salad. They also offer pastas, pizzas, sandwiches and shakes. Mommy Ludy's is located at LB Square.
 3. Rally Point's Chili Chicken Wings. I first tried their wings as an appetizer but they also have it as a rice meal. It is perfect with cold beer! This is Seph's all-time favorite chicken wings. Haha. Rally Point is located along Grove, at LB Square and somewhere in Visayas Avenue, QC.

4. Black Brew's Pasta Platter which includes the pasta of your choice, a sandwich, a huge glass of blended iced tea and a cookie. I love their pasta alfredo! I always order this one but they also have pesto, bolognese, etc. This meal costs 125.00 pesos and it will surely make you happy. Haha. Black Brew is located at the 2nd floor of Vega Center.
Happy Platter. =)

5. Faustina's Spaghetti and Meatbombs and Pepperoni Pizza. The meatbombs are absolutely yummy. These are made out of ground meat and a few other secret spices. =p It costs 135.00 pesos which is almost good for two persons. I used to watch Ate Trix cook the food they sell especially when she's making pizza crusts and pies. I think I already tried every food in their menu already and the only food that I don't like is their pesto pasta. Haha. I also recommend their Blueberry Cheesecake which costs 95.00 pesos per big slice and their Silindro Ribs which I believe is their best-seller. Faustina's is located near Raymundo Gate at Lola J's Building.
Spaghetti and Meatbombs.

Pepperoni Pizza.

 6. Gabino's Baby Back Ribs. My orgmates who lives at Filipina Apartment were the ones who discovered this heavenly viand. Haha. It is very cheap (60.00-65.00 pesos which includes a cup of rice, a bottle of softdrink or iced tea) but is very tasty. I think it is way better than the baby back ribs from Kenny Rogers or Rack's. Do try their bulalo too. Gabino's is a small karinderya located at F.O. Santos.
Baby Back Ribs.

7. IC's Quarter Pounder and Mocha Cremachino. Who will not love this burger?! I had my first quarter pounder way back my freshman year. It only costs 49.00 pesos back then and now it costs 80.00 pesos. Haha. Meanwhile, this Mocha Cremachino costs only 65.00 pesos and it is as good as Starbuck's Mocha Frappe. Explore their menu, try ordering their crispy pata, sizzling bulalo, any of their pizzas and clubhouse sandwich. My orgmates introduced IC's Cafe to me and my Batchmates, Aryan and Roxie. Since then, I became a regular customer. I already miss partying there. =s IC's Cafe is located along Grove.
Mocha Crem and Quarter Pounder.

 8. Ellen's Fried Chicken (Cadapan's). This is probably the best karinderya chicken I have tasted my entire life. Haha. It costs roughly 40.00 pesos with a cup of rice. I remember the first time I ate there. I was with Xanders (RIP) and he forced me to eat munggo which I don't like. Anyway, a lot of students of UPLB eat this because it is affordable plus it tastes good. I wish they will also have a Chicken-All-You-Can Promo  in the future. Hahahaha. Ellen's is located at Raymundo and Demarses.
Photo care of someone else's blog.

9. Vatcave's Lechon Kawali. Sorry but I don't have a photo of it. Boo. Hmm. What can I say aside from it tastes good? Basta, you have to eat this while you're in LB and I bet that you will like it! I am craving for it right now because I don't have a photo of it but it keeps on flashing in my mind. Haha. This is torture, I haven't  had dinner yet! Argh.

10. Proben is the most popular street food in LB. It is made from the proventriculus of a chicken (a part of the stomach) and is breaded and deep fried. It is better than isaw, I think. I was hesitant to eat this at first because I am bothered why isn't it sold here in QC. Hahahaha. Really. Too bad, I can't eat this anymore due to my stomach problems. Grr.
Photo from someone's Tumblr. Haha.

P.S. You can also try Bonito's lasagna, Tresto's double decker, Auntie Pearls' Belly Buster, Bugong's Roasted Chicken, Lutong Liliw's Bulalo or Binusog na Pusit, Doggpound's burgers and Loata's Czech Steak.


  1. IC's Quarter Pounder!! Libre mo ko nyan!

  2. I like Faustina's pesto! :)

    - Twinkle