Saturday, June 18, 2011


Last Thursday night, my boyfriend Lloyd, my sorority batchmate Donna and her boyfriend Marco had dinner at Max's. We tried the Chicken-All-You-Can Promo for 199 pesos inclusive of a glass of Pepsi or iced tea. I wanted to try it last year but I missed it. I just wanted to know how many can I stuff inside my stomach too because I am intrigued by the people posting their "Chicken-All-You-Can Adventure" in Facebook. Haha. So here's our own version of chicken gluttony.

Sorry for the grainy photos because I just used a camera phone.

The battle starts here:
Marco and Donna's first chicken.
Our first chicken.
Donna being silly. Hihi.
 When we were about to order for our third chicken (I guess), can't help but to go outside by pairs to get a little help from our burning friend to help us "digest" the chickens we ate. Haha. Well, it made us feel better.
See, they're happy!
Looking like a poor kid outside Max's. Haha.
 Bebe is super matakaw that night even though he told us that he is on a diet! I think he is just making the most out of his 199 pesos and also challenging himself. =P
Go Boyfriend!!
Quite full. Argh.
 While we were eating, the crew started dancing. It's like their intermission number every night during the promo time. So cute! Hihi. All the customers were cheering and clapping for them.
Very entertaining.
 When we were getting fed up eating chicken wings and thighs, we ordered beer and atsara. Effective pampatanggal umay!! Haha.
Good combination. Haha.
Yummy chicken. NOT. Hahahaha.
 We tallied the number of chickens we ate. This is our final count. Lloyd had 6 chickens!! Marco and I came in 2nd place with 5 chickens and Donna had only 4 chickens.
 Again, it's time for them to go outside again. We were done eating by this time and just took photos of one another. Haha.
Two of them outside Max's.
Someone wants to kiss me. <3
Love birds.
 We would like to thank Erwin, the very very very nice waiter at Max's. Thank you for being so patient when we were being so silly and when we were ordering chicken one after the another. Thank you for taking a photo of our group as well. =)
Double Date.

 We also received four twenty pesos gift certificates. Haha.
My lovely batchmate.
Thank you Donna and Marco for saying yes to our invitation and for driving us home too. We were supposed to have a triple date but unfortunately, my batchmate Pam and her boyfriend Brick were busy sleeping that night. Hmp. I think I would not eat chicken for a few days because of this Chicken-All-You-Can thingy. Haha. I got full but not like that happy feeling when you ate your heart out. But I think you should try it too. It's fun especially if you have your friends who are so game for an Eat-All-You-Can challenge. Bye for now!

Chicken Kill.


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