Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Another pattern making day. I really don't like this subject, it's hard and I don't like cutting big papers. Hassle. Hehe. I only like attending this class because I love our teacher, Ms. Monina. She's a great teacher! Our task for today is to put our basic 2-dart skirt pattern in a board box or cartolina paper. This is where you need to add the sewing allowance of the fabric you are going to sew and then put "knotches" which serves as markers.
Thank you Yna for taking this one.
Yna and I finished it a little bit early than our classmates, so I wandered again inside the classroom and talk to my classmates. Haha. I always do that, I really can't stay or sit or stand in one place for too long because I easily get bored doing nothing. After a few minutes I returned to my seat again and took a photo of my finished product. Haha. Ang weird ko talaga pag walang magawa. Meanwhile, Yna had a mini-photo outside with her friend. We also had our ID pictures taken.
Basic 2-dart skirt pattern. My first pattern, ever!
Busy girls.
After Kristel and Irish finished their patterns, we had lunch. I brought lunch at school because Momsy cooked adobo for me! So sweet. Hihi. Yna and Zendell brought lunch too. After that we took photos outside. For blogging and kakirehan purposes only. =p I only have a few photos taken from my camera because they have their DSLRs with them. Haha. Tita Vangie and Tita Vicky even thought that we are taking Fashion Photography!
The hot bench and me by Yna.
Sexy and pretty Yna!
Break time.
Again, back to work after lunch. We now have to make patterns for an A-line skirt, semi-A line skirt, medium A-line skirt and a full A-line skirt. Nakakatamad! Haha. I am so lazy until now. Can't help it. Argh! We have a set of 1-dart skirt patterns to be done again. I will do that this weekend or on Monday. That's all for now. I'm sleepy.

This is what I wore to school today:
My heart-printed tights. <3
I wore tights because I have to cover my legs because of my allergies. I have huge red spots on the back of my thighs and now they look like bruises!! Eew. I can't eat chicken again. =(

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