Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yna and I arrived a little early at school today. Our instructor for Basic Fashion Design is Ms. Korinne Vinarao. She is only 26 years old and she graduated from UP Diliman before she studied at FIP. Like what we did yesterday, we introduced ourselves again. There were only a few new faces to me because a lot of them were my classmates from pattern making. After that, Teacher Korinne started her lecture by discussing the brief history of fashion and then so on. I like this class compared to pattern making. It is very interesting and fun. Pattern making is quite boring. Haha.
Can you see my future, yes? Yes!

During our break, we made new friends! Meet Ate Aya and Marianne. They are my new yosi buddies. Haha. Oh and also Steph but she's not yet there when we took these photos. We had a little chat about our "past lives", as in what we did with our lives before enrolling to FIP. Ate Aya studied Architechture while Marianne is a self-supporting student since highschool. They are now both taking the "Professional Designer Package" of FIP.
Yna, Kristel, Ate Aya and Marianne.
You see, there is even a bench in the smoking area. Haha.
The view outside our school.
Yna's agit face. I don't know why she looks irritated here.

After our lunch break, we did two exercises. First one is called wrist exercise and the second one is that we need to find photos from a magazine which exemplifies a principle of design. A total of seven photos for that. While doing our exercises, Yna and I talked about the people we hate, as usual. Haha. Kidding! We finished these two exercises in a jiff. We are both always in a hurry just because we wanted to go home early. Hihi.
Exercise Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Chikka break.
Kristel is taking her wrist exercise seriously so she finished it a few minutes behind us.
 At looooooong last, Yna is about to finish her 3rd project for her sewing class. She only needs to sew the buttons. Congratulations Yna! Haha.
Trying out her polo! Yay!
These are our classmates doing their exercise two. We were done by this time already and got nothing to do. I just took a snap shot of them because I only have few photos for this day. Haha. I shall ask the names of my classmates seen in this photo next meeting. =p
Ate Aya's over there!
Steph is the one who is wearing olive green.
Yna, Kristel and I left the school around 5:00 PM. The freaking MRT is jampacked all the time. Grr. Sorry, can't help but rant about that train! Haha.

So this is my school outfit minus the pink clogs:
My legs look really dark in this photo. Tss.

Check out my peg for today's outfit:
Best friends named Cassie Ella and Rebecca.

Good night. Time to sleep. Still thinking if I will go to school tomorrow to do my patterns or go to LB. I want to see my boyfriend. I miss you Babe. =(

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