Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have to battle the heavy rain and traffic in order to attend my class. My feet almost got soaked in eewish dirty puddles of water while I was walking from the MRT station to our school. God, how I hate the rain. FY Juaning. I arrived 10:00 and was 30 minutes late but most of my classmates were also late because of the rain and traffic too.

Anyway. At looong last we're finally done with skirt patterns! Actually, I'm getting sick of doing skirt patterns but enjoying every single thing that I am learning. Sometimes I miss studying anything about Zoology just because I have gotten used to hearing scientific words. Haha. You know, the usual genus and species of an animal and stuff. Going back to the skirts, Teacher Monina gave us a quick lesson about those skirts and showed to the class how to do the patterns.
Everyone being attentive. 
Teacher Monina discussing about circle (bias) skirt.
These patterns were easy. We were dismissed around 2:00 PM because our teacher was worried because of the bad weather and  those 3 skirts were the only lessons we have to tackle that day. Yay for that! Class photos:
Kristel and Tita Vangie.
Irish folding her swirl skirt.
Doing my swirl skirt and not wearing my shoes because I am letting it dry. Eew. Haha.
Cold afternoon!
Irish helped me make my swirl skirt just because I can't freaking move the tape measure so that I would be able to draw the hem of the skirt. Haha. Thanks Babe! Yna was also absent this day. She's sick. =( We also do not have photos from our favorite "I <3 U wall" due to the heavy rain. I went home with Zendelle and she was almost robbed by this gay person who looks really creepy! Good thing is that an old lady saw the gay's hand inside Zendelle's bag and she shouted in the street. The gay handed back the pouch he got from Zendelle's bag where there are two cellphones! How I hate Manila because robbers and thieves are every where.

Since we were dismissed early and we don't have Fashion Design class the next day, I surprised my boyfriend! I paid him a visit and I should have taken a photo of the look on his face when he saw me. Haha. I love you Babe!
My boyfriend and Sir Diestro.
I wanted to punch someone's face last night because.... Argh! Haha. It's raining here in Los Banos today but I am going out with my pretty Batchmates later! I'm so excited to bond and drink with them, of course with our boyfriends. Hihi. Ang kikire lang! I somewhat missed LB. I missed my very laid back life here. Got to go! Will get some rest right now because I have to get ready for our drinking session later. Hihi. Boyfriend is also sleeping right now. Will blog again tomorrow!

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