Saturday, July 30, 2011


Major food trip with my Boyfriend at LB! I missed you Bebe. Waking up not beside you everyday still makes me sad. Drama! Thank you for making me fat, again. Hihi.
At Lutong Liliw before our Triple Date.
Garlic Porkchop.
Creamy Beef.
Inihaw na Liempo with peanut sauce and buttered rice.
This afternoon, Lloyd and I went to SM Calamba to satisfy his craving for roasted chicken from Kenny Roger's. I ate chicken because it's been a month now after my allergy outbreak so I thought I might be okay by now. Haha. How I missed eating chicken!! Yummy!!
My hungry Bebe.
My plate.
His plate.
Happy hungry.
After eating, we roamed around SM and we happen to pass by this Fried Ice Cream stall. There are a lot of people buying and we were so envious that's why we bought our own too. It is also cheap which costs around 25.00 pesos to 40.00 pesos depending how much toppings you want to put in your ice cream. I'll share to you how it is done step by step:
Fried Ice Cream.
Price range.
Step 1: Prepare the ice cream ingredients (Milk, Ice cream powder: flavor of your choice and syrup). Use a blender to mix them well.
The blender.
Step 2: Wait for the machine to become cold and then pour the mixture in the fried ice cream pan.
Chocolate flavored.
Step 3: Spread evenly the mixture in the pan using swift and circular motions. Haha. Ganon yung nakita ko eh!
The little kid is amazed as well.
Step 4: As soon as the ice cream freezes after doing Step 3, scrape off the ice cream in the pan.
Results to ice cream rolls.
Step 5: Arrange it in a cup and add your desired syrup and toppings!
Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup  and white chocolate kisses.
Step 6: Enjoy your ice cream! =)
Sharing fried ice cream with each other and it tastes good.
Can't finish our ice cream because of its generous amount of serving.
So do you want to franchise? Haha.

Enjoyed this day with my boyfriend! I love you Lloyd Brandon. Hihi. <3

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