Saturday, July 9, 2011


I really can't remember when was the last time my high school barkada was complete. Back in highschool, we would always have lunch together, share our baons, write in our "sacred journal", talk about anything under the sun and laugh about it. If I remember it correctly, we would also fight about petty things. Haha. After high school, we went to different schools but we would still occasionally catch up with each other BUT not complete. So yesterday, the time has come that we finally got the chance to see each and everyone! So happy!
L-R: Piya, Lilah, Kat, Me and Alli. (Thank you Jackie for taking this photo. Haha.)
We usually meet at CBTL in Trinoma and then to Giligan's for some drinks. Back then, we were all good girls meaning no vices at all except for making lait to people we hate. Haha. Well, people change and we are all grown ups now. We party and drink and I think that it's not bad if you only do it sometimes. We would enjoy ourselves but we definitely know our limits. =)

Anyway, yesterday was different. We ate at Bigoli. Before ordering, we were so excited to open Tasha's pasalubong from Puerto Princesa Palawan. By the way, she won Miss Philippines Earth - Ecotourism 2011. It's this necklace where you would have to open an oyster to get the pearl inside that you have to put inside the locket-looking-like-a-cage-pendant (Don't know what to call it! Haha). You even have to make a wish before opening the oyster! Pretty cool huh? Refer to this photo below:
Make a wish, open the oyster, put the pearl inside the pendant, wear the necklace. =)
I am so poor right now, I can't even afford to buy myself food because I just used my allowance to buy my fashion rulers. Hahahaha. But thank God I have very good friends to treat me because they can't afford  me to miss this lakwatsa just because I am poor. Hahaha. Thank you Tasha, pinasa lang sayo ni Kat, Lilah and Alli yung pagbabayad ng food ko. That's what real friends do. =p
Just the seven of us because Mara and Mich is still at work.
We have soooooo much kwentos and chikas for each other. Jackie, please don't forget what we told you. Or else, we'll strangle you to death! Haha. Kidding. After that, Alli, Jackie and Piya accompanied Tasha to buy a new hairbrush while me, Kat and Lilah went outside to mall to do something else.We decided to meet at Timezone because we are going to have our picture taken at the photo booth there. Just for fun. Lala. <3
Jackie, Tasha, Piya and Alli: SPOTTED. Hihi.
So this is our camwhoring session:
Tasha and Alli holding their printed photo!
Don't you just love Piya's hair? I do!
Crappy blurred photo.
Lovely friends.
Hi Alli!
We were so happy with this photo booth!! Hahaha. Am taking photos while waiting for the machine to get ready again. You can also send the photos to your phone via bluetooth!! Haha. So cool! After that, Alli needed to change clothes because she's attending a debut party. I told her that she's too old for that. I don't get invited to debut parties anymore but I'have been invited with a lot of binyagan already. Haha.
Tasha's so tall!! Haha.
I've got beautiful friends, you see? =)
Then finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally, Mara and Mich arrived but Piya, Alli and Jackie have to go already. =( So it's just only the six of us (Kat, Mara, Mich, Lilah, Tasha and me) who went to Seafood Island. Giligan's is so full, so we traded our favorite place for Seafood Island. =( Mich has so many chismis!! Haha. Funny lang how she told the stories. =p Super fun bonding with my girls. Tasha also shared her Miss Earth experiences. And oh, Mara opened her oyster too! Wait, that sounds odd. Haha.
Mara is my Bestest best friend, ever! I met her when we were in Grade 2.
Baked Oysters and Sisig care of the working girls, Mara and Mich. 
With the late comers, Mara and Mich.
Mich paid our bill using her credit card! Grabe, iba na talaga pag working girl!! I want to have my own credit card too. Someday, when I have my own job so I can pay for the bills. Hahaha.
We always have endless kwentuhans and bondings when we see each other. Maybe because we only get to do this like once in a season. Haha. Even though that's the case, we make sure to  check up on each other by stalking our Facebook accounts, posting in our secret group and texting each other.  I love my girlfriends so much. I am so lucky to have them! See you soon Chix. =)

Love love. <3

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