Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My new school, Fashion Institute of the Philippines, is located at 8th Floor, One San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center corner Shaw Boulevard Pasig City. To go there coming from my house, I need to ride a bus and the MRT. From the MRT station I just needed to walk a few blocks to reach the building. Our class (basic pattern making, every Tuesday) starts 9:00 in the morning and our teacher is Ms. Monina Tan-Santiago. Yna and I arrived a little late because I got lost. Hahahahaha. I know right. We introduced ourselves first and we're 29 in our class (quite a lot really). Anyway, she discussed about the different parts of the body that needs to be measured when making clothes as well as the different tools and terms that are used when making patterns.
My new playground. Hihi.
Around 12:00 noon, I had lunch with Yna, Krystel and Irish on a nearby food chain called "Rufo's". I actually like their tapa. It tastes like the beef pares of Rally Point. Hihi. We really don't have lots of time to eat, we only have an hour for our lunch break and that's the only "official" break we have for our 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM class.
First group photo with Yna's half face.

When we returned to our school, it is time for us to apply what Ms. Monina taught earlier. We took our body measurements. I paired with Irish and Yna paired with Krystel. That part was sooo easy. =)
Yna and Irish playing with the L-square and hip curve.

Two new beautiful friends. Krystel and Irish.

Krystel taking Yna's shoulder length. And that's Ms. Monina laughing. Haha.
 I never thought that making a pattern is hard. You have to be precise with the measurements and all that. Our first exercise is to make a basic skirt pattern with two darts. I hate this part but I have to learn it. Fortunately, I finished mine. I now have to do 5 of this pattern at home. It's our assignment for next week.
Irish and me holding our pattern papers.
Irish and our busy classmates.
Sewing machines.
 After our class, the four of us headed to Megamall. We checked fabrics and the set of rulers we need. We also passed by this shop called "Cache Cache". They have cute clothes and they are on sale. After that we decided to go home.
While waiting for Yna's decision. Haha.
Yna's eewish addiction to milk tea.

I am so tired today. I hate the jampacked MRT. I suddenly missed my laid-back college life at UPLB. No traffics, no jampacked MRT and not polluted. 

By the way, this is what I wore to school today:
At our terrace.
Connie Cao is my peg. =) She's so cute!!
Gonna hit my bed now. I have to wake up again early tomorrow. I'm excited for my Fashion Design Class. =)

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