Friday, July 15, 2011


Last night, FIP celebrated its 8th anniversary at Fever Luxe Lounge in Sofitel. The traffic was intense at Edsa last night! We arrived a little late but just right on time for the fashion show. Here are some of the photos I took. The designers were mostly the winners of the graduation show every year.
My favorite piece from the fashion show but I forgot who designed it.
I think this is Paula Figueras. She studied in UPIS too and she joined Bb. Pilipinas.
White dresses.
Sir Shannon stripping off the sleeves of his creation. Looks like the model is enjoying it! Haha.
Sir Shannon is the owner of FIP, by the way.
Cute pink dress.
People enjoying the topless model. Just look at that lady!
I failed to take photos of the latter part of the show because I met up with Tasha. She was there too because she was a friend of Art, the director of the school. The program was so short. I think the fashion show was the only highlight of it. Next year, I want my designs to be on stage too. Ilusyunada lang! Party photos:
Me and my beauty queen friend, Tasha.
Kristel who prefers to sit because of her boots. Haha.
Kristel, JMP, Yna.
I just love this table. Haha. Cute ng ilaw.
Tasha, Gian, Shane and Meg. Tasha's college friends.
Over all the party was a success. there were lots of people. Past students, designers, models and even Luis Manzano and Tom of PBB. Haha. I am not into partying anymore, I didn't even hit the dance floor. Kill joy! So I can't really say something about what I did there. Yna, JMP and I went home around 1:30 AM.

Vanity strikes for me and Yna before going home.
Good lighting. =p
Yna's outfit. I gave her that skirt!
Every bar has this kind of background where you can take your "souvenir photo".
My look last night. Edited the color to look "vintage-y":
My red polka dots skirt.
Looking forward to the next party. I will dance the next time and mingle with the crowd. Haha.

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