Saturday, July 30, 2011


I had a long vacation at LB so I made sure to meet and catch up with my all-time favorite girls there (aka my Sorority Batchmates) with our boyfriends. In my previous post, I told you that I have to get some rest because I have to get ready for our drinking session which started at 6:00 PM and ended past 2:00 AM because we went to three different places to drink. Haha.

Our first stop is Auntie Pearl's. It's our "cozy place" and it is open early enough to cater our afternoon delights. Haha. Why am I blogging about my drunkard moments? I think, ten years from now, this will make me laugh and reminisce how I enjoyed my early adult stage to the highest level. This blog should be about my fashion endeavors but I can't help myself blog about my little adventures that come along the way. Hihi. So, anyway... I'll just let the photos do the talking. =)
Just because I like Red Horse than San Mig Light.
Donna's boots. Love it!
Couple 1: Donna and Marco.
Couple 2: Lloyd and Lauren
Couple 3: Pam and Brick

We decided to move somewhere else after Pam and Brick arrived and since we are very random people when talking about lakwatsas and gimiks, Donna decided to make a list of places where we would want to go and continue our bonding. She always does that.
Bunutan na naman! Haha.
Second stop: Inigo's at Paseo, Sta. Rosa. It was raining really hard when we arrived there but it stopped raining after a few minutes. I like their lechon sisig but it's spicy as hell! It will surely wake you up when you're drunk. Haha. (PS: We're not drunk.)
Rain rain go away!
Inigo's Menu.
Hottest sisig I've tasted so far.
Triple date! <3
Kiss from our boyfriends because they love us so much! They can't get enough of us. Haha. Joke.

Last stop: My Place (still in Paseo). They have unlimited videoke that's why we ended up choosing this place after leaving Inigo's. Bebe just can't stop singing his heart out. So funny because he was ranting about his hurting stomach then all of a sudden he's okay when he started singing. Hahaha. They also have the best tasting tokwa't baboy appetizer! I swear, it really tastes good that I just can't help thinking of it the until the day after we ate it. Oh no! I am thinking about it again! Argh! My Place is just a normal pub, it doesn't even look that nice inside because of the tables and the lighting. Since we are the only customers drinking inside it and more people are outside, we loved it there! Feels like we owned the place. =)
Menu cover.
We wanted to try their arousing tahong! Nakakacurious, di ba? Hahaha.
They have subzero beer!
Baked Tahong.
Oh yes, I am craving for this one!!
Singing our Batch song. Yuck. Hahaha!
You see, chaka lang ng tables! Hihi.
I just have to show everyone our group photo where there is an intruder!! You loser!! Haha. Agit much?
I hate you Kuya!! Grr!! 
What a happy night!! It's really good to see them again. The next day, we went to Brick's home because they cooked carbonara for us. Two thumbs up for Brick and Pam because of that! Yummy even though you put chicken in it and you know that I am allergic to it! We shall cook for you next time, I promise!
Why oh why does it taste really awesome?!
Brick, Kelly and Pam.
Thank you Donna, Marco, Pam and Brick for going out with me and Bebe. See you soon, Lovers!

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  1. Natawa ako sa photo bomber! LOL epal much! Miss you Donna and Pam!