Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Again, we made skirts today. Getting tired of doing different patterns of skirt already but every basic technique and styles should be learned. We made three types of skirt patterns which are serpentina (mermaid), godet and yoke. These are my patterns:
Insert godet.
As soon as I finished my patterns, I took photos of my busy classmates just to kill time.
My ever so gorgeous classmate, Tita Vangie. Love her dresses when she goes to school.
Irish doing her Serpentine skirt.
Istorbo lang ako.
Irish brought nachos today! Thank you for sharing it with us. Haha.
My lovely friends munching nachos.
We finished our class a little early today so we had a mini-photo shoot (AGAIN!) at our favorite spot - the balcony/smoking area.
Oh so gorgeous friends!
Love this one. It's so candid and they're so happy! =p
Since we were dismissed early today, Yna and I are both worrying what to do when we get home. Good thing is that we have brilliant minds and we thought of something to do before going home. What else? FOOD TRIP AT UP DILIMAN! Haha. Puro pagkain talaga nasa utak namin. =p So we bought fruit shakes and isaw plus we have our take home nachos from Irish. We had our picnic at Sunken Garden. Even though we almost see each other everyday, we still have a lot of things to talk about. Hihi. Yna, thank you for listening to my whines. I love you! <3
Mang Larry's blockbuster isaw! I was in high school when I first tasted his isaw. Sana di sumakit tiyan ko!!
The lady glammed up just to eat isaw. Haha. Ang sama ko!
Saw my UPIS batchmate, Rhea! Still so pretty until now. =)
Our food trip: isaw, nachos, fruit shake.
All smiles!
Haggard ko lang! Haha.
By the way, I just wore a simple floral dress at school today. I forgot to "plan" my outfit. Haha. Arte lang, nagpaplano pa ng outfit! Here it is:
Looking sleepy. Haha.
I had so much fun today even though I got tired from all the walking we did. It's fashion design tomorrow, my favorite subject!! =)