Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yay for today's lesson! We are finally done with the skirts and we started to make patterns for the bodice. We were supposed to have an exam but I don't know why Miss Monina postponed it. We started by copying notes and then Miss Monina showed us how to do it.
My classmates copying notes and a cheesy finger.
Loooooooong notes.
After that, we had our lunch break before doing our own patterns. Yna and I always bring our lunch to school. We even have the same lunch box. I feel like an elementary student! Haha.
Yna's lunch: Crab Shanghai, my lunch: barbecue and corn and carrots.
We had a long lunch break so we had our mini-photo shoot again at our school's balcony. Nakakasawa na yung I <3 U wall namin noh! Haha. Sorry, photo dump ahead!!
Yna's school outfit.
Must be the wind effect.
Super zoom! Haha.
Our skirts!
We miss you Kristel!!
Solo emotera.
Zendelle, Aya and Marianne.
Kuya and his fierce boots. Hihi.
After an hour or so, we returned to our seats and started doing our patterns. It's quite confusing the first time you are going to do it but since Teacher Monina is there, she helped us by answering all our questions patiently. I love Teacher Monina. She is so nice! Tita Vangie and Tita Vicky made me and Irish laugh really hard today! When they were doing their patterns, they were having problems with some measurements and as Tita Vicky call it, Tita Vangie is "cheating" that's why she can't get her 1-dart pattern done. Haha. Oh old people! Sometimes they are really hard headed when they want things to get done easily! But they were really funny a while ago! Hahahaha.
Yna and Irish doing their patterns.
Me helping Irish.
Before leaving our school, we took more pictures in our balcony. Haha.
Model na model!!
Yna's mineral water bottle. Haha.
The buildings, Irish and me.
We planned to go to SM Megamall today to have dinner at Bon Chon and it's my first time. I like their chicken as well as their kimchi coleslaw. Just like not love.
Failed crossing the pedestrian lane shot. Haha. 
My dinner.
Uhm hi! I'm hungry.
Yna and I hated the people at the MRT station tonight. They were so, uhm, aggressive to ride the stupid train!! Hahaha. Have to finish this entry now because I have a class at 10:30 PM. Yes, I am an online tutor! I'll leave you guys with my outfit shots today. Good night! <3
I just love this bench!
My turquoise earrings.

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