Sunday, August 28, 2011


As I have mentioned in my previous post, my beloved school UPIS will be relocated. It has been built in Katipunan for many many years and now they will demolish the school there and the new UPIS High School Building will be relocated inside the UP Diliman Campus. The Alumni Homecoming that happened was a meeting regarding that issue. My friends and I didn't listen to that. Haha. We roamed around our old school and took photos. Too bad, it was already evening and because of that my photos were ugly. Haha.
"New" building corridor, 1st floor.
Library. I remember that there's a table inside where my name is vandalized along with rude words describing me. Haha. Oh my lovely haters!
To the "new" building.
"New" building.
We missed high school so much. My friends and I always eat lunch together and share our food with each other back then. We have our "own" lunch table inside the canteen. Haha. No one would sit there during lunch time except me and my beautiful friends. Haha. Selfish much? No. It just happened that other students don't want to sit there. I guess.
Old building.
Painting since 2002.
Alli, Kat, Mara.
We used to sit here while waiting for other students to leave the room.
"New" building with my batchmates.
Alli, Nica, Kat and Mara. Aaron, Marti and Nico at the background.
Cooking and baking room. =)
It was fun reminiscing the things we used to do during high school and enumerate the vandalisms about us. Haha. Those vandalisms were very memorable for me. I would never forget the bitch who wrote my name inside a cubicle of the comfort room in the Old Building. One letter per tile and in bold letters. Haha. Too bad, I did not catch the suspect. Haha.
Yes, this is the comfort room.
So happy!
Vandalized my name!! Haha.
Multi-purpose Hall.
After walking around UPIS, we went to Tomato Kick together with Jaymar and Julius, our UPIS batch mates too. JM also arrived there with his girlfriend Ria. Back in high school, I am not really  close with these guys even though we were batch mates since Kinder. Okay, I am quite anti-social back then because I am not good with meeting and chatting to other people before. Haha. We talked about a lot of things which made us laugh really really hard! Jaymar changed a lot, he speaks like an old man and he seems to know a lot about life. Maybe because he has his own daughter already. Julius on the other hand, is still the same. He tells us stories in a manner that seems not believable but is actually true. I would never forget Julius because he polluted my mind as well as Kat's when we were in second year high school.
My girls with Ria.
Hi JM!
Kat, Julius, Jaymar and me.
JM is a very impulsive person. We were supposed to eat somewhere near Tomato Kick but he ended up wanting to eat at Kabab Persian in E. Rodriguez.
Random food trip.
Affordable food!
JM and Ria.
Thank you High School loves for making this night memorable. I wish I could go back in High School. Special thanks to Jaymar for my Gangster alarm clock.

Outfit shots:
Cute wall.
My old school. =(


  1. It's really fun reminiscing about highschool. :) And wow you have a lot of friends! You look so chic in that outfit, Lauren.
    Mars of fashion insouciance
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  2. Grabe. I missed it. I was supposed to go but I didn't because of "tamaditis." Let's schedule a visit with everyone again! Opayb reunion. ;)

    Btw, love your shoes ;)