Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It is the last day of our Fashion Design class. We just made mood boards that we can use for our final project which is a portfolio. My inspiration was a black and white wooden chair and a gate/door/entrance. I will not use this mood board that I made for my portfolio. I want my first portfolio to be colorful or at least with lively colors. So this is what my mood board looks like:
Love the make-up of that model!
We were supposed to submit our assignment about the color schemes today. I did not submit mine because I am not happy with my art work. I think I will just create a new collection for that assignment. My classmates submitted their works unlike the lazy me. =p
Kalai showing her cute drawings to Angela and Yuka.
Ate Rose taking a photo of her designs.
We only had a very short discussion today. We were supposed to go to Fabric Warehouse in Libis for garment costing and ask for swatches for our portfolio but it was already our last meeting. =( No more field trip. I suddenly missed my field trips back in college. Anyway, that is all we did today and we just have to submit our portfolios next week. I will blog about my portfolio once I have finished it even though some people might not be interested. Haha.

Photos at our eewish balcony. It is now full of cigarette butts and plastics. I don't know why our school doesn't have a janitor to clean that balcony even our comfort room! Yuck. I hope that Sir Shannon will realize that our school badly needs a janitor. Hahahahaha.
I love Ate Steph. Hihi.
Thank you Kristel for taking my awesome outfit photos! <3
The infamous "I <3 U wall"

I refuse to take off my school ID! Haha.
I passed by Fabric Warehouse at SM North before going home. I just want to try if I can ask for swatches. I am so lucky when the salesman said yes! Kuya is very kind and I even asked him if I can come back if I wanted more swatches. Haha. he said yes again! Oh I am so abusive. I know. Haha.
Was thinking of the sea that's why there are too many blues. Hihi.
My long weekend will start tomorrow. I am so excited because of all the things lined up for me to do. Hihi. I even closed my tutorials schedule. How about you, what are your long weekend plans? Are you going to be busy too? =) XOXO. <3


  1. very interesting pics you have on you blog coutie,want to invite you to check out my asos giveaway..refards La Folie 


  3. you look really cute!!

  4. love the inspirations on your mood board :)


  5. Haha... ang naalala ko agad sa portfolio eh yung project runway na show.. hehe.. ibang level ka na Lauren, chuchu!
    ay oo nga pala, may nasimulan na kong blog, hoho... again.