Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today in Fashion Design, Teacher Korinne taught us to draw the face. Just like our previous lessons, it has a step by step technique. The shape of the eyes, the eyebrows, the eye lashes the nose, the lips and the ears are what we have to draw. I badly suck at drawing faces. Argh! But I believe, in time, I will be as good as other Fashion Designers! Yes, that's the fighting spirit. =) 
Yuck! Sobrang panget! Haha.
I had fun bonding with my classmates today. It's the first time that I really got to talk with Nicole. She is so bubbly and funny. She shared a few things about her life and love life. It was me, Yna, Cha and Nicole conversing about anything from designing to our future plans but our main topic is about showbiz gossips and blind items from Fashion Pulis! Even our other classmates were already listening to us. Haha. We were so loud and we were laughing our heads off because of the juicy gossips. Girls are always like that anyway! =p
Meet Nicole and Cha. =)
Tita Carol wanted to have her picture taken too when I brought out my camera. She is also my classmate in Pattern Making. She is so cool and she told us to add her in Facebook too. Oh I will add her later! Haha. 
Her outfit.
After doing our exercises and gossiping, it's time for our photo shoot! Where else, but in our beloved balcony of course. Hihi. We invited Yucca, Cha, Tita Carol and Nicole to join us but Nicole doesn't want to have her picture taken. Maybe next week, she will join us. =) I want to post all of our pictures here but my entry would be photo again so I just chose my favorite ones. 
Yna is a forever fashionista.
Yucca. Don't you just love her skirt? <3
Cha looking adorable in her banana, yes banana, printed dress. =)
Nataob lang kami sa posing skills ni Tita Carol!
Great minds think a like! Must be our boater's hat!
Cha is the yoingest but she is the tallest!
It's Salmon Day! Haha.
During the morning Yna and I wanted to have our picture taken together because of our boater's hat. I just want to show you our attempt so that our effort will not come into waste. Haha.
Mukhang tanga. Haha!!
And last but not the least, my outfit photos!!
Different background!

'Cause I can't resist this bench! =p
I had dinner with Yna at Mashitta before going home. I already mentioned that small restaurant in one of my posts. I wanted to eat Japanese food so we ended up there again but it's perfectly okay because food there is great and affordable too. =) I had kimbab. It was a Korean food but it's almost the same as Japanese rolls.
Gyoza and Kimbab.
I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep but I can't. Kthanksbye.


  1. Nice outfits :) your blog's so cute!