Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today is the last day of our lessons in Basic Pattern Making. Time really flies by when you are having fun. I can say that I have learned a lot for only 8 meetings. Though our patterns were in size 8, which is a model's size, I think I can already manipulate the measurements but not that really accurate yet like a professional. Hihi. I am so thankful that Teacher Monina was the one assigned to handle our class. I like the way she discusses in class. I also enjoy it when she joins our chikahan during break times. She is also very kind enough to answer every question we ask her even though it is the same question, over and over again. Haha. So today, we made our own bodice pattern, meaning that we used our own body measurements, and also 5 styles of collars.
I really had a hard time completing my own bodice pattern. I am too skinny and my measurements suck. Haha. I had a few attempts, three to be exact, before I came up with a perfect pattern. I almost got frustrated doing it. I never thought that pattern making would be this hard. Seriously, it is very hard to do patterns especially when your body is not that, hmm, beautiful or should I say "perfect". Maybe, in time, I would be better in this thing. Just need a little practice. Haha. I believe in the saying "Try and try until you succeed".
My second attempt.
I thought this is already good (that's why I am smiling holding my pattern) but when I asked Teacher Monina to check it, I have a couple of mistakes! =s
Time for outfit shots:
Yna and Irish.
Just because this is my blog and I can post my face here as much as I want. Hahaha.
No bangs.
Because of my fishtail braid. 
Wind effect!
Next week, we will already start with our Advance Pattern Making course and we will also submit our project. We have to bring to life our own bodice patterns. Haha. I mean to have it patterned in a fabric and have it sewn. I am so excited! I wish that my pattern's perfect so that I will be proud of myself and I can already use it for the rest of my life to create my own clothes if I will not loose or gain a few pounds. Haha. Okay. It's now time to continue painting my Fashion Design assignment. TTFN!

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