Sunday, August 14, 2011


I love it when my boyfriend visits me here in QC. We always go to the mall since there are no good malls in Laguna where we can stroll around, go shopping and eat in a decent restaurant. I am used to strolling in huge malls like SM North Edsa and Trinoma because I live near them and I have been going there as early as I can remember way back in my childhood days. I have memorized almost all of the locations of stores inside the mall because they are my favorite malls! Haha.

I have been alone in our home for 3 days straight. I am very lonely because I eat alone and I have no one to talk with except my students during night. So sad. =( I was very happy yesterday morning because I had breakfast with my boyfriend here in our home and then we went to SM North. We just strolled for a little bit and then ate at Crave Burger since we only have a few hours to spend time together.  I originally wanted to eat Japanese food but I remembered that we wanted to try that burger restaurant when we passed by it last month.

Hi Babe.
Big eyes.

My normal self.
Then our orders came.
Crave burger, skinny fries and blue lemonade.
I missed eating with my boyfriend!

Gluttony at its peak.
Feel na feel ko lang.
We were so full after we ate so we headed home afterwards. Thank you boyfriend for visiting me. I'll try to visit you there in LB when I have time. I love you!

Outfit posts:
At Sky Garden.

Bought my cardigan in a thrift shop for only 50 pesos! Haha.
Florals and boots.
Special thanks to AM (the kid who sells paper and bottles to the junk shop) for taking our photo. Haha.


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