Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was supposed to wake up at 6:00 AM because I want to redeem this romper from Chictopia but when I checked it around 7:30 AM, someone had already redeemed it. I was so sad and disappointed. Anyway, I arrived at my school a little late because I have to pick up my basic pattern making project in the market. As soon as I reached FIP, I realized that I left a lot of things at home. I mean, A LOT. I will not enumerate these things because I am still frustrated with my day today. =s I am sorry for my rantings, I badly need an outlet for my emotions.

My classmates and I had our projects checked. When Teacher Monina told me that my project is correct, that made me quite happy despite the things running through my mind.
Teacher Monina correcting Robi's project.
My project!
When worn! Excuse the haggard face because I took this when I got home from school.
We also started our Advance Fashion Design class today. My new teacher is Oz Go. He is amazingly good in drawing. He studied Fine Arts at FEU in college before he went to FIP. He graduated last 2009 and he won "Best in Fashion Illustration" during the Graduation Show. As in super talented!! I like Teacher Oz, he is so funny and bubbly! He even invited us to go to his birthday party on September 15. Hihi.
Teacher Oz pero sorry nakatalikod. Hehe.
I have the same set of classmates and only a few new faces for me.
Joyce and Angela. Thank you for lending me your materials this afternoon. You are my saviors!
Ken, Robi and Mich.
Our first exercise is to draw our own design in a fully rendered sketch and also its flats and specifications. This is what I came up with:
Sloppy work.
After that we draw another fashion canon in scale 10. Then Teacher Oz gave us our homework and then he dismissed us. I felt really tired today. No outfit posts as well. Maybe tomorrow would be better. I wish! Sorry for an ugly-lazy-nonsense entry but thanks if you still read it. Time to rest before my tutorials. XOXO, my loves. <3

Oh I haven't shown you my school ID yet, so I will just post it now. =)
Chinchansu ako. Tss.

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