Tuesday, August 16, 2011


School today is not that fun for me even though our lessons were interesting. I was so sleepy in class and I don't know why. It must be the weather or whatever. Teacher Monina discussed to us three more styles of a bodice pattern and how to make sleeves pattern.
And some more.
My patterns.
I really don't have anything to say in this entry. I am tired and I think that my brain is not fully working right now. I will just show photos of my classmates and I will name them, just so you know. Hehe. I got bored a while ago.
L-R: Zendelle, Tita Carol, Aya, Kalai.
Tita Vangie and Tita Vicky.
L-R: Robi, Mich, Ken. They are cousins, by the way.
L-R: Kristel, Irish, Yna.
Para lang may picture rin ako! Haha.
Doing their sleeve patterns.
Yna and Irish.
Joyce and Kalai.
No-brainer outfit and our messy room.
I also took a few snapshots of other things and people in our school.
By Oz Go.
Make-up class.
Time to go home!
I had a little chat with Sir Aries Lagat a while ago. He was the winner of Project Runway Philippines Season 1 and he studied and teaches now in our school. I asked him if he sold the collection he created for Project Runway's finale then he told me that no he did not sell it because it was already a property of Project Runway and they can't reproduce the same designs anymore. Everything they did in that show will become properties of the show and they cannot be reproduced as well. I think that it was weird because it was the designer's own idea and if I were in their position, I will feel like they violated one of my human rights! Haha.

Need to get some rest right now. Zzz.

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