Thursday, November 17, 2011


They say that everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway. I quite believe in this quotation but there are times (like now) that I have no chance to go out because I have no reason at all to go out. Get my point? This term, I am not attending school and I am just stuck at home but right now, I decided to go here in Los Banos because it really sucks to be home alone in our abode in Quezon City. I miss blogging just because the memory card of my camera doesn't fit my boyfriend's laptop card reader and so I cannot transfer my photos. My laptop is at home at it's power supply is broken again. =( Anyway, here I am now, trying to update my blog my lying on my bed not taking a shower yet and feeling totally lazy and depressed. I need my girlfriends now, I wanted to talk to someone but I might burst into tears again and so I thought that blogging might make me feel a little better. Here it goes.

I made this animal print skirt's length just above my knee because I thought that I've been wearing mini skirts since forever. I always thought that knee to midi-length skirts will make me look shorter so I always avoid wearing them. I hated my height, I find myself really short but after I discovered that height can be bought by wearing sky-high heels and wedges, but of course with a lot of practice, I noticed that some shoes will also help elongate your legs.

I bought these black booties 3 months ago (I guess) at Mathew's from CMG without thinking where and when will I wear it. Oh, I wore this once during the Upsilon's Party at 7th High which I failed to blog about. This pair is amazingly comfortable! I walked in it for hours but I didn't feel like wearing heels at all. If only I can wear this everyday, everywhere but I can't.

Since I lack clothes here in Los Banos, I just have to borrow from my sisters. I paired my skirt with a plain white v-neck shirt from Forever21 to tone down my look. A perfect white shirt is a closet must-have! You can pair it with shorts, pants, skirts, etc. If you have nothing else to wear, just grab your favorite white shirt, pair it with denim shorts, accessorize (I mean ACCESSORIZE) and wear your cutest pair of flats or wedges and then you're good to go. Trust me, when I feel lazy to dress up, I do that. All the time.

I scored my black bag from Divisoria and it only costs 200 pesos! Amazingly cheap but it's sturdy. I have already proven and tested my bag's durability because this is what I use in school and I put A LOT of things inside it including my lunch box and drawing materials. Haha. I also got my pink feather earrings there for only 10 pesos!! I know right, I am such a cheap skate. =p

Okay I think I should stop blabbering right now. Sorry if this post only includes outfit shots which I forced my boyfriend to take. Or maybe I should blog some more. I yet have to blog about my Advance Pattern Making photo shoot, Puerta Galera escapade with my Chix, Chubby Habbi's and Jude's Clearance Day.

Oh and of course, I did not wear those boots when we went out! Students here in UPLB will stare at me and I might just see them mouthing the words "What the hell is she wearing?". You know, it's not cool to wear boots and heels here in UPLB. I know that. I studied here for 6 damn years. Haha. But...... back then, there were times that I just can't stop myself wearing a pair of heels but not because I want to make papansin inside the campus but just because. =)

Check out how my high school friends and I can get crazy. This is so funny!! For us, at least. Haha. One of the GIFs I will upload during our last day at the beach. This was taken inside our hotel room and were watching MYX or MTV. Haha.