Sunday, November 20, 2011


We woke up a little early but we spent the morning watching Australia's Next Top Model, America's Next Top Model and Master Chef US in our room while eating A LOT of food that we brought. Got addicted to Nutella again and I blame Lilah for bringing a jar of this oh-so-sinful spread. Haha. We went out before lunch time to take a dip.
First photo of the day.
Puerto Galera shore.
BFF shot of Lilah and Kat.
BFF shot of Mara and me.
 Tasha and Mich had a deal with a man who offers snorkeling and island hopping. We got the package for only 1,200 pesos! The normal price range would be 1,500 to 2,000 pesos. Tasha is so good at bargaining and with talking to people. I give her a high-five for that! Haha. So after talking with Kuya, he became our official photographer that day! Horray for group shots!! Thank you Kuya. =p

We bought lunch for our island hopping before leaving White Beach since that is what Kuya recommended us to do. First stop is the coral garden. My girls enjoyed looking at the fishes and feeding them so much! I even identified some fishes for them, the ones I can recall from my Ichthyology and Marine Zoology classes. Nagmatalino lang ako, sa totoo lang. Hahaha. Oh Biology, why do I miss you? A little. After a few minutes swimming with the fishes, I was the first one to return to our boat because I am very cold again. I remember back in college, I was always the first one to get out of the water and I will be shivering like crazy as soon as I get myself inside the boat. Haha.

You see, Kat enjoyed it so much!
After that, we headed to another island which I forgot what it is called to have lunch. Then we went to a small Underwater Cave. It pretty amazing inside but it doesn't look really good in my photos. Haha.

This is the top of the cave.
We are the queens of the world! Joke.
My camera's lens got wet.
Imagine, we hiked down this rocky path in our bikinis! Haha.
Good thing is that we have slippers on. Hihi.
Time to go to the next destination.

Last stop is an island where we just went swimming.
Heart-to-heart talk. Haha!
Okay, malayo.

When we returned to White Beach, we went back to our hotel room to leave some things and then we went out again to swim, have dinner and drink AGAIN. Haha. Photos care of Alli because my camera's batteries were already empty. We love Elah so much that's why we decided to go back to "The Outriggers" again. =)
Girls plus Elah.
I hope Elah would still remeber us if we go back to Puerto Galera!
How about Elah's pose?
We talked about insane things while waiting for our turn to use the bathroom. Tasha made us very happy and knowledgeable. Hahahaha.

OOOOOH and outfit shots! Outfit pa, bikini lang naman. Haha.
Ate Curie's maxi dress.
Not holding a beer this time! Haha.
Day 2 is more fantastic than Day 1 because we got to bond some more and we did a lot of fun activities. Next post, Day 3: GIF addiction. Haha.


  1. everyone's so beautiful! you have such amazing friendship with your friends. i loved looking through your posts. following. :)

  2. love all the photos! made me miss my own set of girls! =(