Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have been friends with Mara, Kat, Lilah, Mich, Tasha, Piya, Alli and Jackie since high school but we already know each other since elementary. After graduating from high school, we attended different colleges but of course, we still keep in touch with each other. We sometimes go out to have dinner and drinks but not really often maybe because college is freakin' busy.

We were just having a chat while drinking one night at Eastwood last month and I shared to them that my boyfriend and I might go back to Puerto Galera before his school starts. Being very good friends, they wanted to  join us in our vacation but in the end, my boyfriend was the one who cannot come anymore because his school already started. Haha. Not that I am happy because my boyfriend is not there but it's the first time that me and my friends will go to the beach together. The beach is a perfect location for an ultimate bonding experience for us! It's very hard to plan this getaway because some of my friends always confirm their attendance before a night out but during the day, she will not reply to our texts or will just cancel her attendance because of some lame reason. Hahaha. Seriously. Unfortunately, Piya and jackie couldn't come with us. Anyway, my friends came from QC while I came from LB. They waited for me at the Batangas Pier for a very long time. It's like I tested their patience and they were getting mad and worried at the same time because I was not replying to their texts because I fell asleep.  As soon, as I arrived we loaded our things and ourselves to the ferry.
Lilah, Alli, Tasha, Mara.
Lauren, Mich, Kat.
When we arrived in the island, a staff from Sea Jewel Beach Resort is already waiting for us to usher us to our hotel. We settled our remaining balance before changing to our swim suits and then headed out again for lunch.
Uhm hello sa outfit ni Mara na oang-Baguio. Haha.
Beer while waiting for our lunch. Haha.
After filling our stomachs with grilled liempo and kebabs, we headed to the sea shore to drink some more, take a lot of photos and of course to swim. Haha.
My sexy friends, Lilah and Tasha.
Chilling under the sun. Haha. Ironic.
So gorgeous, right!
 We always wanted to have group shots, so we tried to use the timer of our cameras to get a "decent" group shot.
Sorry Alli! Hahahaha.
We stayed on the shore for hours, we also had ice popsicles and back massage after swimming.
The shadow of the little kid who sells the popsicles.
BFF Mara and me having a back massage.
After the massage.
Before it became dark, we already found a place to have dinner and drink again. The place is called "The Outriggers" where we met Elah, the super nice and gorgeous beki who served us with too much patience even though we were very demanding that night. Haha. We drank Mindoro Sling and beer again while eating sisig and nachos. We also ate a lot of dinner. We had curry, beef with mushroom, sinigang and beef steak.
Trying Mindoro Sling.
Yak ang haggard ko. Haha!
Elah wearing a maxi dress!
Mich and me.
We returned to our hotel room quite early because we are all very tired from out trip going to Puerto Galera.
While waiting for our turn to take a bath. Haha.
My swim suit:
San Mig Light. =p
Day 1 was plain great. We talked about a lot of things about life and even though we will do it every day, I think we will not be tired of it. =) Next post, Day 2!


  1. at least you and your friends had fun. I notice lang hindi ba kayo na lasing daming pic na you hold San Mig Light :)