Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Jude is one of my sorority batchmates. She is a councilor at Pangasinan already and she is only 22 years old! She is an intelligent girl with lots of marvelous ideas. She is also the type of person that will stand up for what is right for her and she does the same thing for her friends if someone is being bullied or something. Back in college, when I don't have money she will always treat me lunch or dinner. Haha. That's what batchmates are for! She is more than a batchmate to me, she is like a real sister for me because she listens to me and to my other batchmates if we have problems. We've been together through a lot of things already, either happy or sad. <3
Last Summer, just because Jude is this weird! She forced me to do this! Haha.
Roaming around the campus last summer.
I was walking with my boyfriend going to Carabao Park to check out their fraternity's activity when someone called my name. I have a very poor eyesight but I can recognize my friends through their aura. Haha. When it hit me that it was Jude who called me I shouted like hell because I couldn't contain my excitement and happiness to finally see her again after 7 months! She joined me and my boyfriend for lunch and then we returned to the Touch My Car activity. The person with the longest time of touching the car (with some twists) will win 10, 000 pesos but my boyfriend told me that they raised the prize to 15,000 pesos. The guy wearing the white shirt and maroon shorts won this contest, I think. He touched the car for 12 hours straight!

Our other batchmates were also there! It was very nice to see these boys again.
Chase, Jude holding her clearance, JMP, Mike.
Bonding time.
How we wished that Chase's car is at LB so that Jude and I will not have a hard time going to faraway places (like the Infirmary) to have her clearance signed but too bad, his car is in his home in Binan. Haha. So JMP and I accompanied Jude first to SU Building and then JMP left after that because he needs to go to his class. Jude and I walked from SU all the way to the Infirmary! Haha. Yes, it's my fault that's why we're dead tired after. =p
Infirmary, check!
Our only photo together. She told me not to upload this but I will. Haha.
We did not finish everything that day but we were able to do so much that day. She is very nice so she treated me and JMP dinner. We also met with Pam and Brick that afternoon but I failed to take photos during that time. The next day, Jude accomplished everything including her manuscript. Thank you for treating me, Donna and JMP drinks. Hihi.
So proud of you!!
Donna and Jude.
JMP and me.
You are now done with college and I am very happy that we will march together on April 2012! I hope that we will still keep in touch with each other even though we are miles apart. How about going out next month together with the other girls because we are going to celebrate our 4th year anniversary. Hihi. You know I love you. <3 Good luck with your career, Batch.


  1. Nakakamiss naman mga pamangkins ko. :) I'm happy to see 07s together even in pictures only. See y'all soon! :D