Monday, November 7, 2011


Last Sunday, Nikki (my sister) bugged me to tag along with her and JM (her boyfriend). They were going to have lunch at Trinoma and roam around the shopping mall. At first, I don't really want to come along but my very  thoughtful sister doesn't want me to be left alone in our house again. Haha! JM picked us up at home and then we headed to Trinoma.

JM chose the restaurant we had lunch at. He chose Abè, it's a Filipino restaurant and I have seen it a thousand times already because it's beside CBTL where me and my high school friends meet all the time. I have never tried eating there. Yes, I am curious with the food they serve but I don't know why I wasn't able to try it until last Sunday. Haha. It's also stuck in my head because when my boyfriend had a field trip, he told me that they ate at this restaurant.
Best sellers.
Their tagline. Hihi.
The interior of the restaurant will give you a "native-Filipino-feel" because of the chairs, the paintings, the tiles of the floor, the stained glasses and the smell of the food they serve. 
Nikki and JM.
Nikki and JM chose the food we ate. Here are them:
Binurong mangga,
Bicol express.
Pochero that looks like Nilaga.
If you order plain rice, it is unlimited! Very good for people who loves to eat a lot of rice like me. Haha! I also took photos of the two foodies which everyone around us ordered (as I have observed), except us. Haha.
Bamboo rice.
Binukadkad na pla-pla.
If I am going to rate them, service gets an A+ (because the waiters are very accommodating and they will serve you like you were in a hotel), food gets an A+ and price gets a B. Haha. It's quite expensive there but it is worth it. =) Thank you so much JM for your treat. Hihi!
Galit yang dalawa. Haha.
Batchmates too!
Since this is our only photo together that day.
This is my rainy day no-brainer outfit. =)
My trusty studded boots.
Busy and exciting week for me starts tomorrow! Photo shoot, quality time with my boyfriend, party, beach trip with my high school friends and PAYDAY again. Haha. Have a great week ahead! =)


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  2. love your "no-brainer" outfit. you're sooooo pretty.

    <3 Maria

  3. nice pair of boots you got there! :)


  5. thanks batch! kain tulog gala kasi haha!

    i love the boots! And I miss you so much! baka magkita kami ni Sandy dito. Pero di pa sure! tentative palang :)

  6. all those food look so yummmmmmy! i love your bio! how you evolved from being all that thingummies to being a fashion addict.. hehhe ;)

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