Saturday, November 19, 2011


This post is way overdue but still, I am blogging about it. Last November 9, 2011, was our photo shoot for our projects and our theme was Urban Safari which Ken suggested. We have to design a clothing item according to what we picked during our draw lots. In my case, Irish picked for me (because I was late) and she got V-neck for me. I designed a simple V-neck cocktail dress. I invited my very good friend, Tasha to model for me and my classmates and Marti, to become our photographer. I am so lucky that they instantly said yes to me! =) Avel Chong was also our photographer that day and Chesca was the other model. I'm going to make this short but I'll make this photo heavy. =p

Photos I took (behind the scenes, my classmates, etc.)

Tasha modeled for me, Irish and Mitch.

Chesca modeled for Clarisa, Ate Steph, Tita Vicky and Tita Vangie.
Clarisa and Chesca
Inside the classroom.
Aya, Irish, Mitch, Lauren.
Tita Vicky preparing snacks for everyone.
High school loves!
The photographers.

Photos care of Marti which are beyond amazing!
Tita Vangie's (trail).
Tita Vicky's (tailored blazer).
Clarisa's (bustier)
Ate Steph's (leg of mutton sleeves).
Irish's (round neck).
Lauren Star's (V-neck).
Mitch's (Capuchin).
Class picture.

Check out Marti's and Avel's shots HERE and HERE! You can also message them through Facebook if you need photographers for any occasions. =)

Thank you so much Teacher Cor for being such a great mentor, Marti and Avel for being absolutely awesome photographers, Tasha and Chesca for being fantastic models and to all my classmates for making our classes enjoyable. Hihi. <3

And oh! This is what I wore during the shoot. I was also feeling Safari-ish. Haha.

Can't wait to go back to school again!

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